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(Or is it EunMin?)

Credit: randomRinnie

ARMS! LOTS AND LOTS OF ARMS *____*. I was so distracted by the arm muscles overload I had to re-watch the video three more times to actually get past the eyecandy. Man, Hyuk’s been training quite a bit, hasn’t he? :Q______

Anyway, enough of the drooling. I’m liking Ming’s longer hair XD. Hair grow faster please <3. And the amount of HyukMin available for our eyes to feast on! Yes Sungmin, teach Hyuk how to position his fingers for the G chord ;D. This guy is adorable. If he lifted some weights as well…mmm *licks lips* XD. He’d make one super, SUPER hot guitarist. Oh, and his laugh at the end is much love ♥.


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