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Sungmin – Akilla photos!


Ok, boy looks extremely different. But different in a very good way *_______*. He looks so intense and really into it – my gosh, I need to watch some fancams of this now ♥.

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The boys performed ‘Super Girl’ and ‘At least there is still you’ (Korean version). The camera man! He was so frustrating -___-. The camera kept on panning out to give us a shot of the entire stage, when frankly, I couldn’t careless what it looked like when there was hot boys to look at on the stage. Ughh.

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure if the boys sang ‘Super Girl’ live, but it sounds like it to me. I kind of wish they had performed ‘Blue tomorrow’ instead of ‘ALTISY’ ;___;. The Korean version still sounds really foreign to my ears.

Credit: fampar

I can’t get over the handsomeness that Ryeowook is ♥.

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