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Out of the 305 songs I’ve listened to this week, these are my Top 20:

20. Super Junior – It’s You
19. DBSK – One
18. SHINee – Scar
17. JaeChun – SHELTER
16. SHINee – Four Seasons
15. SHINee – Amigo
14. SHINee – Love Should Go On
13. JaeChun – Colour ~Melody And Harmony~
12. Fahrenheit – 找幸福给你
11. MBLAQ – Oh Yeah
10. f(x) – Lachata
09. SMTOWN – Only Love
08. SMTOWN – Snow Dream
07. Super Junior K.R.Y – Dream Of Being A Hero
06. Kary Ng – 座右銘
05. SMTOWN – Let’s Go on a Trip
04. Linda Chung & Steven Ma – 小故事 (A Journey Called Life)
03. T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)
02. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

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Hmmm, it’s rather SM dominated ^^;;. I need more variety. Any suggestions? :)


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A;SLDKJF;LASKDJF;LASKDJF! HOW INSANE AND HOT WAS IT????? I really don’t have much to say, except that the boys have grown up so much *_____*. Idky, but I really, really love this song now ♥. They all sound so awesome live and their choreography is “fantastic” XD. THEY ARE SO YUMMY LOOKING TOO *O*.

Credit: dkpnews

*dies* I’ll be keeping up with their performances from now on :D.

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SHINee – ‘Ring Ding Dong’ MV

I’m becoming a bigger fan of them by the day ^^. How intense and fierce is the whole mv?! *________*

Credit: sment

– I really love their choreography. It’s so tight and shows off their dance skills really well ♥.
– OMG MINHO’S REFLECTION *_____________*! How hot was it???? That look on his face was just…GUHHHHHH ♥♥♥♥♥.
– Onew no longer has his :DDDD/ face all the time anymore. I’m really missing it :/.
– Why is Taemin drinking milk? XDD
– Key’s intense stare at 0:50 *_______*
– Jonghyun looks so fierce and hot and smexy <333.
– Key was driving a car *O*.
– I still don’t really get the wings, but I can’t deny they look awesome with them. Especially Jonghyun *_______*.

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