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Dream Concert - backstage

These boys are really too precious ♥____♥. I love Ming’s pose. ‘Abracadabra’, anyone? XD I think Kyu is the only one who can look so dorky when he’s supposedly posing ‘normally’. AND MI! HE’S STICKING TO GENG LIKE GLUE *___*. That’s too cute ♥.

EunHae are trying to be rappers (?) XDD. I honestly have no idea. And YeWon are dorks. As usual :P.

I still can’t get over the HanMi *O*. They’re real love, they are ♥♥.

Source: Kim Taewoo Cyworld & SJ家族

And another one ^O^~

Super Junior

The boys are truly beautiful *__*.

Credit: sj-market.com


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‘2009, Year of Us’ – Minho


MINHO! I’ve always thought he was handsome, but this! THIS BOY IS GORGEOUS.

I’d prefer his hair to be a tad shorter, but damn he’s good looking *___*. And I love what he’s wearing. Definitely more mature now <3.

As;dkflj he’s got such long eyelashes ♥. He’s so pretty ^O^.

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The KyuRi part was gorgeous *__*. I can just imagine Kyu sitting in front of his computer playing his computer games or doing maths LMAO rather than partying XDDDDDD. The two of them are so cute ♥.

Siwon’s ‘Mmmmmy my love’ made me smile so much ^^. He’s such a dork, but gosh he’s a handsome dork *-*. As;dlkfjsd Hae looks terribly tired :(. (They have to do 30 takes?! Oh boys ♥♥.) I’m really proud their hardwork all paid off ^^.

Credit: showyoga

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SS501 – ‘Rebirth’

These boys are going to be back soon! ♥♥

CHECK OUT THE ALBUM COVER *O*. (I’m sort of loling at the ‘normal version album’ comment xD)

'Rebirth' album cover


Idky, but some people aren’t really digging the guyliner. I, on the other hand, love it ♥♥♥♥. I’m especially loving Jungmin and Yongsaeng. GORGEOUS MEN FTW. A;sldkjfs;lkjaf LOVE THE COVER.

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