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‘2009, Year of Us’ – Key


Oh my. OH MY. *__________________* HE LOOKS DELICIOUS. Like really, really good looking *__*. What’s happened?! I-I don’t know what to say.

The eye make-up looks wonderful on him. IT’S AMAZING. And for some reason, I actually dig his hair. Even though it sort of reminds me of Yoochun’s ‘Mirotic’ hair stlye. Asdj;lfkjas;dlkfj I LOVE IT ♥♥♥♥.

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SM Family love ^0^

Gosh, Amber really fits in the the SHINee boys here, doesn’t she? XDD The f(x) girls are so pretty *__*. And Heechul, lmao. How does he manage to be in all these photos? <3

f(x),SHINee,Super Junior

The heartwarming picture of SM 3 idol groups was made public.

On October 13th, girl group f(x) member Suli had posted on her own me2day a picture of her own group f(x), Shinee and Super Junior Kim Heechul which was taken on October 10th at 2009 Dream concert.

Suli wrote “This is a picture which was taken at the waiting room of Dream concert with Heechul sunbaenim and Shinee sunbaenim ! I gained more strength because Heechul sunbaenim, who I really admire, has gave me a lot of support” and “Like sunbaenim (Heechul) said, I will become a good Suli who always listen to leader Vic unnie ~^^ !”, thus showing the love for her same company sunbaenim.

Translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

As;dklfjs;dklfj I just love it when members of different groups show their love for other groups ♥♥♥.

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And this, THIS is why I love Ryeowook so much ♥♥. His sweetness, his humbleness, his talent, his adorableness…gahhh *___*.

09.10.12 03:29

shaking and… i felt very nervous.

in fact you can’t see it because i always conceal it well..

our* first peformance in Korea… to be able to stand on a big stage like that i’m really thankful~

to be able to see ELF in such a historical place ….

as if i will never get a chance to go again… i will remember yesterday for all my life~^^

we’ll start now^^

i’m going to china tomorrow everyone please be careful of the flu bug~! even though i’ll be making several trips in and out of korea..

will miss you!~ we

i love you.

– 2009. 10 Ryeowook –

* our – SJM

Source: fill me in ryeowook
Translated by carolyn @ sj-world.net

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THIS GUY. He sure knows how to fanservice *___*.

2009.10.12 19:19

Heechul,Super Junior,Hangeng,Siwon
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