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I’ve got an eternal bias towards this guy and…yeah. He just looked to fabulous in these photos; I could not not share them ^^.

I love that his hair is growing out again :). Wookie looks better with longer hair, imo. As;ldfkj *squishes* He looks too handsome in these photos, capturing him when he’s doing what he loves ♥.

Ryeowook,Super Junior M

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Super Junior

The boys look so handsome ♥. (Is this photo recent? I’m only assuming it is ‘cos of their hair…and that Kibum is mia .__.)

Ryeowook may be my bias, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Sungmin here. Gosh, he looks terribly delectable adorable here, doesn’t he? *_____* I love Wook’s ‘^^’ face – cutie to the max~ Hae is awfully smiley here too :). As;dlkfjsdf;l, oh these boys ♥♥. (The photo would have been 93648xx better if it didn’t look so photoshopped, but I shouldn’t complain ^^.)

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