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This video makes me adore Key even more XDD.I reckon the highlight isn’t Jonghyun on a Hello Kitty laptop, it’s KeyBer’s English interaction <33. I MEAN, KEY SPEAKS IN ENGLISH. Like he actually has a conversation with Amber *___*. (He’s really shot up on my SHINee-love-radar :D.) Poor boy though, he sounds sick ;~;. He’s constantly sniffing and looks pretty…dead. Still, it doesn’t stop him from teasing Amber. And calling her a guy! <333 I think Amber calling him a mouse is priceless, even better than him calling her a ‘leezar’ XD. Asjdl;fjka; KEY YOU’RE AWESOME ♥♥♥.

Oh, and the Krystal-Jessica interaction was adorable, albeit a little awkward ^^”.

Credit: sment


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[16.10.09] CCTV interview

Just an excuse for me to spam my love. MY BIAS~~! *__________* He looks really gorgeous in these pics, so I just had to share ♥.

DOES ANYONE ELSE LOVE THE BARBIE DOLLS. XDDDDDDDDD I really should watch this asap <3.

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