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MBLAQ – ‘Oh Yeah’

(Am I jumping on the bandwagon? Probably ;~;)

For some reason, I never seem to like to follow a group from the day they are marketed and debuted. Even though I end up regretting it later, I just can’t seem to bring myself to be really interested in them in their early days. Which is why I put in extra effort to try and get to know MBLAQ. Through their debut song, at least.

Honestly, I’m not really feeling the song right now. I reckon there’s more rapping than actual singing in the song :/. And the constant repetition of ‘oh yeah~’ really annoys me. Call me biased or whatever for liking SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ or SNSD’s ‘Gee’, but for some reason, the ‘oh yeah’ comes off to me as more annoying than catchy. And the shirt lifting at 2:04! Normally, I’m all for YESSS SKIN!, but idk, I reckon the mv could have gone without. At least it could have been executed with a tad more tact. It was just too ‘omg look at my hot and toned bod!!!’ and in-your-face for me.

Credit: allkpop

Maybe the song will grow on me? I’ll try and give the rest of their album a listen.


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Baby and Mal’s photos have been released :D! Honestly though, I’m only really digging the guyliner on Jungmin ;~;. I reckon there’s just too much layered around Hyungjoon’s eyes. Still, the boys look hot *___*.

SS501,Jungmin SS501Hyungjoon,SS501,Hyungjoon SS501,Hyungjoon

Although..what’s with the mini-album? :( After 1 year and 7 months, I’d have expected a full album to be released, not one with just five songs on it. DSP, you disappoint me.

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Where Kyu wins ‘SJ-M’s most hyper and adorkable man’ award XDDDDD.

No, but seriously. HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS HE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE INTERVIEW?? *_______* He is just…guhhhhhhhhhhh. It’s obviously filmed sometime before or after the SM Global Audition video, in which, might I add, Kyu was equally hyper in ♥. I honestly couldn’t tear my eyes away from him. And the KyuRy (HenKyu?)! Their constant attempts to be taller than the other is really cute *-*.

Credit: pwincesz02

I’ve included a transcript behind the cut, since there’s a mixture of Korean and Chinese spoken by the boys.

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