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I cannot believe this. I actually envy a guy’s legs ;___;. Leeteuk, why do you have such beautiful legs??? OTL

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Hallyu idol group super junior member Leeteuk exposes his emaculate legs by hair laser removal.

In MBC Chuseok special Super Junior dressed with dashling military uniform and exposed their legs during the song ‘tell me your wish” in which the highlight of the song is kicking their legs.

Leeteuk who had legs which were slimmer and more immaculate than any woman amongst the members, revealed the secret when the MC Seo HyeonJin praised his “pretty legs”, he said that he “had laser hair removal just for this performance” and made other contestants laugh.

Then the article says soshi also performed sorry sorry.Another article says that the boys performed the genie dance while performing some of the famous dance steps of heartbreaker, sorry sorry, saturday night, abracadabra and i hate you~

Credits to `Alice☆엞랑 @ sj-world.net

This guy XD. He’s probably joking about the hair laser removal part – it’s just so something Teukie would do ^^. I’m pretty sure he didn’t decide to permanently remove his leg hair..XDD.

I’m dying to watch MBC’s Chuseok Special. SJ dancing to SNSD’s Genie is totally going to make my day ♥. *continues to stare at Teuk’s legs*


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