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DBSK’s secrets

Or rather, not so secret secrets. I’m posting this mainly because Changmin’s ‘secret’ is just so Changmin. That boy…he’s such a bully XDDDD.


If Junsu was reincarnated, he would want to became a soccer player.


Yuchon wrote lyrics for his solo song “My Girlfriend” — one main song of the “TRICK” series — at Starbucks.


Jejung who has been taking up challenge of composing, uses computer and keyboard to do so.


Bullying Junsu is one of Changmin’s way to be relax.


In order to persuade his parents to let him entering entertainment world, he danced in front of them.

source: tohomobile
credit: yukabon’s room

Awww, Yunho’s secret is quite touching <3. He proved his capability in order to enter the entertainment circle. And Changmin is just pure evil. But for some reason, I like it ;D.


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DBSK; Stand By U mv preview

Looks like the boys are back again with another ‘stand around and look sad’ mv. Reminds me of ‘Doushite’, funnily enough. I really love the song, but these types of songs tend to have a more subdue kind of mv. Ahh, I guess ogling at the boys will have to do for this mv xD.

Credit: KPOPisL0VE

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BRB, my jaw has dropped ten storeys.

How epic is this?! Haven’t the DongBang boys always wanted to have more fanboys? :DD This is one cute fan account, by a fanboy! Haha, I can’t get over it ^^.

090617 Having Lunch “With” Xiah Junsu

I am a Tohoshinki fanboy. I have all their Japanese albums, from the 1st to the 4th, and I have the 2nd and 3rd Live Tour DVDs; I even watched the T Tour DVD yesterday.

At around 1pm, my mom texted me to have lunch with her at a restaurant nearby. I didn’t feel like it, but I did. After lunch, we were about to leave when I realised that Xiah Junsu and his manager was having a meal at the table on the left!

It could be because he had no make up on, so I didn’t recognise him straight away. A husky, melodious voice asked for “a bowl of cold ramen”. It’s really Xiah Junsu! It’s my first time seeing a celebrity so close, and it’s a singer that I listen to the most; it was amazing! So, I plucked up my courage and walked over and asked for an autograph. He even talked to me for about a minute.

I told Xiah Junsu that I love the “Summer singles” and he sung “Summer Dream”, then he laughed and said “I really like Sky too~” I even asked him if they were holding the national tour now. I found out that they had their Osaka concert and Nagoya’s will take place the day after, and that they were back in Korea in between. I’m so happy!

T/N: Left out the part where his sisters gush ^^

Source: [xiahking.com]

Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net

Asd;klfja;dklsfjsd Junsu sang ‘Summer Dream’?!?!!! The fan must have been over the moon with the private performance from XIAH JUNSU. Awww, Junsu is such a sweet guy. But then again, he must have been pretty happy too to have a fanboy confront him xD.

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Awww, I never expected a ballad from Horsey. He looks good sitting on the chair singing :D.

Oh gosh, love the scene with the three of them pointing guns at one another <33! I’m really anticipating the full mv now.

Credit: hoonfami

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