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I found this video of the boys featured on MTV (Taiwan). It’s a bit old (artist of the month <MAY>), but there’s a bit of SJ-dorkiness, so I’ve just gotta spazz about that xD.

Hae speaks Chinese in this. “Da jia qing duo duo zhi chi ‘Sorry Sorry’ a lot”; he’s saying ‘everyone, please support ‘Sorry Sorry”. I love how Hae always tries to speak in Chinese whenever possible ^^. Then Kyu proceeds to say the most random thing ever, “fang jian!!” The line is from the movie ‘Red Cliff’ and basically means ‘release arrow’ XDD. Oh, his arm movement accompanying his “fang jian”… this boy is so much love ♥♥♥. I think he misses sprouting random Chinese words ;D.

credit: kpopmusicstation


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The boys look great, but I don’t really see how the ad has got anything to do with chickens. Unless somehow mobile phones and chickens are linked…lol, I don’t really understand the ad.

Credit: HyukGem

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Dropping off some mp3 download links, since I’ve been listening to some of these non-stop. I can’t seem to get enough of the KyuHae+Taesicca collaboration ♥. And I’ve finally figured why the song sounds so familiar; it was in the movie ‘Music and Lyrics’. I’m so slow with these things -__-.

SJ covering ‘Gee’

SNSD covering ‘Sorry Sorry’

KyuHae + Taesicca – Way Back into Love

SJ – A Falling Star

Sungmin + Sunny – Falling Slowly

Credit: urnobody911

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::EDIT:: The full song is here.

Oh, the return of KRY! ♥♥♥♥

The song is a bit different to what they used to sing – it’s lighter and more pop-py. I love their ballad songs, but I’m not complaining; it’s been awhile sing the boys came together for an OST. I’m still hoping they’ll release an album one day~~

Credit: EternalAngelBoo

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::EDIT:: CodeMonmonSeason2 has actually uploaded the whole show. Here are two more links:

Super Junior; A Falling Star – Very beautiful *___*. And Sungmin plays the guitar. What isn’t there to love about this performance?

Super Junior; She – English + KRY. Is there anymore to ask for? Boys have got to work on their pronounciations a bit though xD.


SNSD covers ‘Sorry Sorry’ – The acoustic version reminded me of IU’s cover, but the girls do a wonderful job. They actually pronounce ‘Sorry’ the correct way, although funnily enough, it sounds odd sounding ‘right’. Maybe it’s because I’m too used to SJ singing it as ‘SoRi’ ^^”. I really like Taeyeon’s vocals; her adlibs are beautiful. Love the ‘hahaha’ at the end by Tiffany xD.

Super Junior covers ‘Gee’Hey Kyu, I’m listening~~~ :DD Funny how both groups slowed down each other’s songs. ‘Gee’ sounds nice slowed down as well though. The boys were awesome <3. YeKyu’s harmonisation almost killed me. They sound really good together ♥♥. I love how it’s always Yesung who does he adlibs. His voice really suits it ♥.

Sungmin + SNSD girls sing ‘Beautiful You’ & ‘Honey Honey’ – Sungmin’s intro was too short! XD Ahhh, his voice is so much love. And then he starts playing the guitar ♥___♥. The girls’ rendition of ‘Honey Honey’ was really good. Gosh, Teayeon’s English isn’t half bad. She sounds pretty fluent in it. Jessica’s voice is quite distinctive and clear. I like <3.

Donghae, Kyuhyun, Jessica & Taeyeon sing ‘Way back into love’ – Hae has such a huge accent xD. TaeHyun’s voices blend together so well. I think this may be my favourite performance <3.

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