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SS501; Romantic Sky Meeting

Guess what? GUESS WHAT?! Mnet is going to be broadcasting THIS and THIS for us poor less fortunate fans to see! :DD

Here’s a preview of what is in stall for us.

Credit: hoonfami

My gosh, Leader is such a fail XDD. Baby looked so surprised when cups were dropped onto him. Can’t wait to watch this ^^.


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I’m a little upset at Triple S and ELF for protesting, but…eh.


Legions of South Korean pretty boys have been invading the screens of Taiwanese audiences recently, and the Golden Melody Awards might just be inviting South Korean boyband Super Junior for a lightning quick visit to Taiwan under the name of performing guests and prize presenters. Also on the rumoured list is Japanese songstress Koda Kumi and Super Junior’s junior, SHINee. The planning unit for this year’s awards ceremony however, conservatively speaks that the guest list is still unconfirmed.

Super Junior has been slated to appear in Taiwan in the next half of this year, and it has been heavily rumoured that they would start first with the Golden Melody Awards. Because of this trip, they have been arranging their schedules with the Taiwanese planning unit since the start of this year, and have finally managed to squeeze out two days and hopefully will be able to arrive in time for the Awards on the 27th and 28th of June.

The awards ceremony however, has also incidentally sparked a heated debate between fans of different Korean boybands. Because they are going to hold a ticketed concert, SS501 lost the chance to be part of the guest list at the Awards, and this has made many of their fans rather upset, causing them to protest online. Fans of both groups are still vigorously supporting their own idols.

Also rumoured to be coming are Koda Kumi and SHINee, but AVEX has already clarified that Super Junior is first on the waiting list, since SHINee visited Taiwan late last year and currently has no more plans to do so in the near future.

Source: Yahoo News
Translated by: hazel. @ http://asianfanatics.net

I don’t even know why I’m so excited o.O It’s not like I follow Tawainese music awards closely. BUT HOMG SUJU MAY BE GOING. Please appear on some variety shows while you’re at it, I’ll be sure to watch. And maybe  my friend who watches Tawainese varieties will see them and be converted too x). She thinks I’m crazy for liking Korean boybands D;

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