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Mirotic gifs

I’ve no idea if I’m late on this or what, but how insanely cute are these?! I really love the JJ one ♥. Oooh, and the one of Changmin is too cute. Junsu…he’s ;D/ is just so him <3. And Yunho…such a greasy smile.

Haha, these gifs totally made my day.

I don’t know if there’s a Yoochun gif..someone link me if there is? ^^

Junsu,DBSK Jaejoong,DBSK Changmin,DBSK Yunho,DBSK

I’m not 100% sure of this since I found the gifs on a random blog, but I think dbskgirl92 made these. If anyone knows for sure, let me know :).

::EDIT:: Here’s Yoochun’s one :D.


Thanks to tmThuy for the link ^^.

gif-Yoochun  looks smexy when breaking the glass xD. Real-Yoochun looks 100x hotter though ♥.


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Photo gallery ensues… ;D

Oh, and I have mastered DNBN :DDD! This is what happens when I procrastinate instead of studying. At least, I only understand the photo part. The rest I’ll explore after exams >:D.

DBSK I-I don’t think I’ll ever want JJ to do my hair :/. I’d rather sit there and stare at him xD.

DBSK,Jaejoong DBSK,Junsu,Jaejoong,Yunho Seoul CF DBSK

Super Junior BUNCH OF DORKS. Love the first photo especially; Hae looks like child in awe <3.

Super Junior Super Junior Super Junior,Donghae,Yesung,Kangin Super Junior,Ryeowook,Han Geng,Hankyung,Siwon Super Junior,Shindong,Kyuhyun,Yesung,Leeteuk

Credit: DNBN

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FIRST OFF; WUSS UP??!?!!!11?! I thought the uploader typed up the wrong title at first since I swear I heard ‘wassup’ XD. At least, that was what I hoped I heard. It was totally shattered though, when I saw ‘Wuss Up’ at the end of the teaser. Beceause honestly, WUSS UP? .____.

DDD: Oh Kyujong, what happened with the eyeliner?? BUT VERY HOT AND SMEXY AT 0.13 :Q_________.

Credit: hoonfami

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I love this song so much ♥♥♥. Still prefer the drama version of the song, but this mv isn’t bad. Choreography totally fits the mood of the song :).

Is it just me and my bias or did everyone else also smile heaps when Ryeowook appeared at 0.56? Wookie <33.

Credit: teukrinko

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