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Ok, why have I not seen this before? This is too cute omg <33! Hae is such a kid; he’s growing on me so much these days ♥♥.

Basically, Hae tells Henry to quickly perform (kuai, kuai~~ ^^), probably ‘cos he wants to show off his awesome violin skills as well xD. And then OMG HE HANDS OVER HIS VIOLIN, SAYING THAT IT’S A FAKE ONE ROFLMAO. Oh Hae, you made me crack up so much <3. He takes Henry’s violin and yells at Henry for correcting his hold; WO ZHI DAO LAAAAA~~~~ By this stage, I think everyone is full expecting him to play something ‘pro’, similar to Henry, BUUUUT HE STARTS TO PLAY ‘TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR’ INSTEAD XDDDD. Honestly, I was literally rofling by this stage; HOW EXTREMELY CUTE IS HAE? ♥____♥!! I love how Henry is pointing at the places for his fingers to hold. And Hae’s ending pose… XDD.

Credit: CheeneekAho3


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Despite the ‘Wuss Up’, I think I prefer Kyu’s song over this one. I dunno, that one sounds..catchier? Can’t really judge too much now anyway, not with only a 1 minute teaser.

Hyunjoong’s eyeliner looks 10x better though :D.

Credit: hoonfami

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