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These are the cutest photos ever ♥____ ♥. I love SJ’s interactions with their juniors ^^.

Photos from Music Bank [June 5th].

Hyuk~~XDD He seemed like he was a bit high ^^.

Super Junior,Eunhyuk

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This is some awesome sauce!♥ The video is made by a lovely Chinese fan, who took all of SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ performances from March 13th to April 25th and put it into one performance. Mmm, I really love it ♥♥.

Thanks to sok663 for uploading.

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They are too hyper XD. Shindong with his low bow and idk, why was he rubbing shoulders with Geng? Cool, Ryeowook is standing next to Teuk; he’s being given more camera time! ^^ Hyuk does this overly dramatic ‘YESSS’ at 0:23-ish.

Hahah, Teuk’s got the tiniest ponytail ever ;). Heechul…he looks like he doesn’t want to be there at all :/. They seem a bit tired though. Looks like this was filmed after a performance.

Credit: kotarodeassy

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