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Epic fail ensues XDDD.

I think I may have enjoyed Hyuk cracking up more than their !fail French. Hyuk’s laugh is adorable <3. It starts off soft, then becomes a squeal, and finally, he can’t hold it in any longer xD.

Ahh, I rarely watch unsubbed videos, but seems that I’m doing it more and more often now. Does that mean that I’ve become even more obsessed with fandom (as impossible as that may seem)?

Credit: magicapuri

I hope Teukie is feeling better too; at least he seems happy in this video.


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DBSK; Stand By U full mv

You know what I said here? Yeah well, forget about that, ‘cos these boys totally rock at sad songs. And seeing them…gosh I miss them ;~;. I’ve been neglecting this fandom so much.

The mv is actually really good, imo. It may have something to do with me feeling guilty for not keeping up with DongBang fandom, but for some reason, I really really like the mv :). Boys standing around and moping really appeals to me x). And I like the techniques; like at the end when the boys were ‘pasted’ onto the scene…know what I mean? ^^;;

Credit: abareusagi

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This is an extremely old video, but it’s really too interesting x). Especially when the video involves SJ. Or maybe even pink + Sungmin xD.

Love what he says about pink being made ‘girly’; seriously, if it weren’t so girly, I reckon guys wouldn’t mind as much if they have to wear pink. And he’s so serious when he talks about pink. Sungmin-ah! ♥♥♥

(Haha, Shindong’s reaction when Sungmin took his pink things out of his bag…it’s priceless :D. And then he grows bored when Sungmin’s defending his pink-ness lol.)

Credit: sgentertainmentcom

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