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I posted this on my private blog just to let my friends have an insight as to how exciting Kpop can be. Except I think I may have freaked them out instead ;__;.

So, you know you’ve lost your life you’re a Kpop fanatic if:

1. you immediately think of SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ when people apologise repeatedly.
2. ‘omg’ reminds you of SNSD’s ‘Gee’.
3. ‘Tell Me’, ‘So Hot’ and ‘Nobody’ are totally hilarious (This happened to me the other day ;~;. My brother: Tell me why is the car so hot? Me: ‘cos nobody parked it in the garage. Yeah…>___>)
4. ‘It’s you’ makes you think of ‘neo-ra-go~’
5. you understand what I mean by ‘study study study, I hate you’ (you know it’s got something to do with SJH ;D)
6. the phrase ‘Again & again’ is somehow linked to 2pm.
7. you singing ‘I don’t care’ bothers your mum ‘cos she thinks you really don’t care, except it’s just really because 2NE1 sings it and the song is stuck in your head.
8. you know what 8282 means.
9. ‘Hi ya ya’ is totally copyrighted by DBSK.
10. the word ‘Noona’ makes you think of SHINee.
11. Erotic is almost the same as ‘Mirotic’.
12. you have the urge to sing “I’m sorry you’ve got the wrong number~” to a person who’s uh…dialled the wrong number XDD.
13. the number thirteen is actually a lucky number.
14. you love DBSJ.
15. you know ‘Only 13’ supporters need some therapy, quick.
16. your genie is none other than SNSD.
17. you know that ‘U R Man’ = ‘UR Man’.
18. you laugh at Konglish.
19. ‘OK’ reminds you of Hyori
20. = DBSJ <33.
21. ….’press the reset, press press the reset~’ :D
22. you know pelvic thrusts are beyond awesome.
23. the phrase ‘just like that’ makes you think of SJ’s ‘Monster’.
24. you think “You’re my melody” is extremely cheesy, but you love it ‘cos of DBSK.
25. you know that at the age of 25, you’re old in Kpop idol biz (there are exceptions, of course *coughLeeteukcough*)
26. you love it when your idols sing in English, no matter how poor the pronounciation is.
27. ‘Hug’ international version is the only version you understand.
28. 99% of your music collection is made up of Korean music.
29. SNSJ’s cover of ‘Way back into love’ is 9389764261x >>> than the original (ok, so I’m biased).
30. you have picked up Korean ‘cos you want to be able to communicate with your idols one day. OR
31. you would love to pick up Korean, but you just cbb. You’ll just talk to Kibum/Henry/Yoochun/Jaebum/Taecyeon/Yoobin that doesn’t apply now since all WG members can speak English/Tiffany/Jessica or Han Geng/Zhou Mi, depending on the language you prefer :D.

Yeah, my bias made it to the list quite a lot XDDD. The list was just for fun; I know not all these apply to every single fan.


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Actually, I’m not sure if it’s official or not – it’s just that they were supposed to have had their farewell stage already, but they’re still back on Inki lol.

Honestly, I haven’t been following SHINee’s ‘Juliette’ promotions at all because 1. This song isn’t exactly a favourite of mine :/. Sorry, I love SHINee, but this song just doesn’t do and; 2. I’ve only just recently become even more interested in them x). Too bad they’re heading off to Japan now :(.

This performance! It’s so cliched and sweet and dorky…basically, it’s just love <3. I love the roses, I love the girls on the ‘balcony’, I love them dancing together in the end…I LOVE THIS PERFORMANCE, OKAY?

Am I the only who’s laughing at how Sooyoung isn’t wearing heels? XDDDD It’s ok, we know the girl’s tall.

Credit: prot0980

Shall spam with hearts, because it’s too lovely for words ^^. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Although with different and less boys ♥.

I cannot not embed this video ;D. Because as much as it made me cringe when I first watched it, I just can’t help but start to see the hilarity of the performance. Like what an extremely fail manly girl Taecyeon makes. MC Mong too, lmao. And how Taemin makes me oggle at him in ways which cannot be legal. HIS PONYTAIL MAKES HIM LOOK LIKE A VERY PRETTY GIRL *___*. Absolutely, ABSOLUTELY love Key’s “DJ, put it back on” ♥♥♥. And his head tilt right at the end! ♥____♥ Wooyoung…I dunno, he seems a bit awkward when dancing XDD.

Credit: prot0980

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Star Golden Bell!!! I have not watched a single episode since vinchenzo79 got suspended from youtube and stopped subbing ;___;. BUT! I’ll be looking forward to this episode. Looks like SHINee will be dancing to ‘Tell me your wish’ :DDDD! Not all too familiar with 2pm, so I’m not exactly sure of what they’re doing. Is it some part of their choreography? ^^”

OMG. OMGOMGOMG. ONEW ♥♥♥♥!!! He makes random noises and OMG ONEW WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!??!?! This dorky, dorky leader is quickly becoming my fave in SHINee :DD. (I can’t believe these guys are going to try and break into the Japanese music market ;~;. Just when I’m starting to love them so much too.)

Credit: prot0980

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SNSD: Music Core Special

Caps credit to soshified.

A;SLDKFJAS;LDKFJA;LSKDJFA OMGGGGGGGG! It was seriously too short T_______T. But a;sdklfjas;ldkfj SO HOT!

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Seoul is..?

What is Seoul like to SM artistes? Siwon says “Best of the world”. Sungmin begs to differ and thinks it’s “dramatic”. DBSK thinks Seoul is “art” and SNSD supports this, saying it is a “beautiful” place.

The whole thing is so scripted, but eyecandy *-*.


SuJu (video one) – I love Siwon’s handwriting *-*. Come write my exam papers for me XD.

SuJu (video two)Seoul is…doramatic! XDD I love their Engrish accents ♥.

DBSK – Yoochun’s English sounds pretty good here. Lmao, love Junsu’s “Seoul is..”. Boy is love ♥♥.


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