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As;dlkfjas;kldjf Yongsaeng dances to ‘Gee’! :DDDDDD Hahaha, I still remember the time he danced to this song at their fanmeeting ^^. Yongsaengie is too adorable. He likes his girl groups and isn’t afraid to confess it XD.

I love how he’s constantly looking over at Jessica to prompt his memory, since he doesn’t remember the dance steps. Omgsh, CUTIE ♥!

Credit: marvie0701


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I’m really only digging Yongsaeng’s colour photo. Idk, Leader and Kyu look…weird ://. I do like their black and white ones though.

Gosh, Yongsaeng looks gorgeoussss *-*. And Leader looks really smexed up in the b&w photos ♥. Kyu has better hair much, much better hair in the b&w photos ^^. Really, who decided to give him that gelled hair ‘geek’ look? D;

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Sorry, but this had to be done…


Seriously though, can the Hong Kong media get any more rating-hungry? Ugh, just the tone of the narrator makes me want to puke. Her last line is point blank suggesting the boys are going off to ‘do something’ with the girls…I’m sorry, but a series of footage compiled together to make a rumour just doesn’t cut it. HK, get better at the evidence please. If friends going of having fun equates to dirty business, then I really don’t know what the HK media makes of Hollywood. Really.

Although, it’d be nice if YS decides to quit smoking. He has a rather nice voice so…just a thought. The narrator doesn’t seem too fussed with that fact though. Rather, him scratching his lower body part has caught her attention.

Credit: v6inokenq

PS. If you mute the video, doesn’t the clip just look all innocent and completely unlike what the narrator seems to be making of the situation?

Ok, end rant.

Have you heard? Baby’s going to be acting in a drama! Read article here. Asdlkfja;dskfj! Looking forward to hearing more about this drama :D!

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Yongsaeng looks gorgeous in the white suit ♥.

Love this boy’s voice so much <33. He has such a beautiful voice; it totally suits the style of the song, or is it the other way around? ^^;; I-I think this may actually be my favourite song ♥♥.

Credit: hoonfami

I should start cramming for my exam now .____.

::EDIT:: I just read that Yongsaeng wrote the lyrics to this song <3. Awww, our ballad prince is also a budding lyricist ^^.

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The Double S boys are on some show and revealing Yongsaeng’s deep, dark secret XDD;;;.

Basically, we have Leader dropping the bombshell to all fangirls that Yongsaeng likes Taeyeon from SNSD. And then YS gets all embarrassed and starts fanning himself xD. Leader goes on to reveal YS has ‘Kissing You’ as a ringtone, and Yongsaeng is quick to add that Leader has that as a ringtone as well ^^. Kyujong and Hyungjoon are too busy cracking up to add anything lol.

Credit: iiluvss501

I’m not sure of when this was filmed, but for some reason, Jungmin couldn’t make it to the filming..? Well, it must be before SNSD’s ‘Gee’ promotions; ‘Kissing You’… XD.

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Yongsaeng dancing to GEE

OH MY GOSH WHAT IS HE DOING?! And I thought he didn’t know the dance ^^”. Rofl, actually it seems Yongsaeng only knows a part of the dance, BUT STILL! Cuteness overload ♥___♥.

[Credit: hoonfami]

Okay, I’ll stop with the SS501 spam now DDD:

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