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I’m really only digging Yongsaeng’s colour photo. Idk, Leader and Kyu look…weird ://. I do like their black and white ones though.

Gosh, Yongsaeng looks gorgeoussss *-*. And Leader looks really smexed up in the b&w photos ♥. Kyu has better hair much, much better hair in the b&w photos ^^. Really, who decided to give him that gelled hair ‘geek’ look? D;

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FIRST OFF; WUSS UP??!?!!!11?! I thought the uploader typed up the wrong title at first since I swear I heard ‘wassup’ XD. At least, that was what I hoped I heard. It was totally shattered though, when I saw ‘Wuss Up’ at the end of the teaser. Beceause honestly, WUSS UP? .____.

DDD: Oh Kyujong, what happened with the eyeliner?? BUT VERY HOT AND SMEXY AT 0.13 :Q_________.

Credit: hoonfami

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JEALOUSSSSSS. Here’s a fancam of Baby demonstrating safety procedures. He’s such a cutie *_____*.

[Credit: skypoem]

And I’ll throw in a video of the boys dancing to GEE ROFLMAO. Kyujong seems to be the only one who knows the dance steps x). Yongsaeng and Hyungjoon are just…lost ^^.

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Once again, fangirls are able to prove themselves as stalkers :P. Err, not that the photos were taken by fangirls or anything >__>.


In the bag:

→ Samsung Anycall’s Haptic mobile phone
→ A pair of Louis Vuitton sunglasses
→ Kiehls Lip Balm
→ KRW 10,000 in his wallet
→ A folded t-shirt
→ 80 GB iPod touch

LOL what?! Leader only has $10.70 (AUSD) in his wallet? XDD Compare this to his branded items x).

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