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This drama will be the death of me, honestly.

Anyway. BEHIND THE SCENES! This one is of the bed scene between Tae Kyung and Mi Nam; where Mi Nam electrocutes herself XD.

Part 1 – It’s so cute how Yong Hwa is PSH’s rehearsal actor ♥. I need to see more BTS of him! Anyway. PSH is such a playful actress ^^. She looks pretty close with JSG jealoussss. Hehe, I love how the staff are all so startled with the stun gun; the director is scared of it, yet he expects PSH to use it? .___.

Part 2 – THE TWO OF THEM ARE TOO CUTE TOGETHER. As;ldkfjas;ldkfj see how they’re teasing and playing around with each other! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I love how PSH is a little shy with the ‘intimate’ scenes XDD. And then fooling around with JSG ♥♥♥♥! His reaction is awesome when she ‘threatens’ him with the stun gun XD. Omg, hearing PSH call JGS ‘oppa’ made me feel all tingly. THESE TWO WERE MADE FOR EACH OTHER *O*. Ahhhh, these BTS are pure love :D.


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Yunho’s drama previews

So, hawt soccer player vs. half-naked Yunho vs. dorky Yunho; which one do you pick? XDDD

Credit: dirah9303

Second preview

The first episode will be aired on September 9th. If I’m really honest though, I don’t think the drama plot looks all that interesting. At least, it doesn’t appeal to me. Still, JUNG YUHO IS ACTING IN IT, so that’s good enough of a reason to watch it, y/y? ^^

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Special edition of BOF

I was half thinking I shouldn’t watch this video, since I still haven’t finished BOF, but it’s just a preview, I think, set five years later. Looking forward to the actual thing, which is coming out on April 28th.

[Video credit: cinderella1511]

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Even though I’m not much of a Kara fan, I thought it was rather cute of the girls to support HyunJoong. Plus, Nicole is really growing on me :). DSP love <333.
Han Seungyeon = Kim Hyunjoong’s Manners + Koo Junpyo’s Looks

“Hyunjoong Oppa’s manners and the way he spends his heart makes him the ideal type for all girls. However, lately Koo Junpyo-like looks have slowly caught my eye.”

Park Gyuri = Kim Hyunjoong’s Looks and Heart

“SS501’s leader Kim Hyunjoong Oppa is the best. Whether it’s his appearance or his personality, it’s all so handsome. I’m definitely not being biased just because we’re from the same company. Haha”

Nicole = Kim Bum’s Personality

“In the drama Kim Bum seemed so handsome and his personality was so great, too. In fact, although his personality is even better than his looks, I think both are so good for him.”

Koo Hara = Koo Junpyo’s Looks and Personality

“Not long ago when we went to see Hyunjoong Oppa at the filming site, Koo Junpyo, no Lee Minho was kind enough to let me take a picture of him. He’s even more handsome and kind in real life.”

Kang Jiyoung = Kim Hyunjoong

“(KHJ) himself was full of hurt, and yet he was concerned for Geum Jandi and Koo Junpyo. His warm heart that cared for others was so handsome.”

Found this over on Kpop Jjang.

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Here’s some photos of the BOF cast at their farewell dinner. The boy who plays little Goo Jun Pyo is so insanely adorable. He goes around asking the cast for their autograph omg. How smart is that?!


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BOF 2nd ost

No spazzing for now. I’m tired and in need of some sleep Uni can go die.

Link to the download

I haven’t listened to the songs just yet and still really need to catch up on BOF, so I’ve no idea if the songs are good or not.

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