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Ok, why have I not seen this before? This is too cute omg <33! Hae is such a kid; he’s growing on me so much these days ♥♥.

Basically, Hae tells Henry to quickly perform (kuai, kuai~~ ^^), probably ‘cos he wants to show off his awesome violin skills as well xD. And then OMG HE HANDS OVER HIS VIOLIN, SAYING THAT IT’S A FAKE ONE ROFLMAO. Oh Hae, you made me crack up so much <3. He takes Henry’s violin and yells at Henry for correcting his hold; WO ZHI DAO LAAAAA~~~~ By this stage, I think everyone is full expecting him to play something ‘pro’, similar to Henry, BUUUUT HE STARTS TO PLAY ‘TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR’ INSTEAD XDDDD. Honestly, I was literally rofling by this stage; HOW EXTREMELY CUTE IS HAE? ♥____♥!! I love how Henry is pointing at the places for his fingers to hold. And Hae’s ending pose… XDD.

Credit: CheeneekAho3


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Screw slow computer; ADS;LKFJDSKLAJ;FADF HENHAE! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Henry, why are you so cute? Donghae, why are you so handsome? Guhhhh, they look so good together. HAE STOP CHEATING ON HYUK.

Why do I find it funny that Henry seems to have hairier legs than Hae? XP


Would anyone care to decipher the text on their t-shirts? XDDD

Photo credit: SJ-fantasy

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Sometimes I really wish I live in China, where SJM is performing so much x).

In the past few years, the only Valentines Day Concert in Shanghai would be held by Liang Jing Ru. However, this year, there is someone [or someones] who will be taking this position. A  reporter found that the Korean group SJM will be holding a “Super Junior– Super Valentines Day Party” in Minhang Stadium Using the slogan “Let SJM be your lover for a day“, the tickets have been selling well.

Other than performing many songs, each of the seven members will be showing individual talents. One of the members Henry, will become a piano prince and take on the challenge of singing while playing the piano. He will be performing Jay Chou’s “A Secret I Can’t Tell”. Choi Siwon will be doing a drums performance, and member Kyuhyun will bring a graceful and pure clarinet solo.

Credits: iFensi
Translated by iheartviolinboy@thirdchapter.org

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Can I say lOlOlOL?!

SuJu's F4

From what I can see, Donghae is WooBin, Leeteuk is Ji Hoo, Siwon is Jun Pyo and Henry is Ee Jung. I’m not entirely sure about the last two though. It took me quite a while to see who’s face was photoshopped in place of Kim Bum’s. And the one I think is Siwon…it looks like him but at the same time doesn’t..? Idek.

This definitely made my day ^^. I’ve seen this floating around the net quite a bit today and it seems Teukie managed to get his hand on it too. It’s so much win XD.

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