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DBSK members’ voices

Since I made one for Super Junior, I decided to ask around and see whose voice stood out to fans when they first listened to DBSK’s songs. Here’s mine:

1. Yoochun
2. Junsu
3. Changmin (I sometimes got his voice mixed up with Junsu’s though, but as soon as I hear Junsu singing after his solo, I’d be like, no way, how can I confuse their voices o.o”? XD)
4. Jaejoong
5. Yunho (I’m still not entirely sure of what his voice sounds like really. He needs to get more lines!)

I dunno, I think some people say that Jae’s voice is really distinctive? That’s what my brother says anyway. But I found his voice just seemed to blend in so well with the songs, maybe that’s why Yoochun’s voice really stood out to me.


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Yunho getting caked!

LOL at everyone ganging up on Yunho XD! A cake was brought out during the SMTown Concert in Bangkok and after everyone had sung ‘Happy Birthday’ and the candles were blown out Shindong held onto Yunho’s arms while Yoochun smashed the cake onto his face ^____^!

I love how everyone clapped and laughed at him x). And Siwon letting Yunho taste the cake FROM HIS FINGER *______*!

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Lame title, I know xD. But hey,  it’s Yunho’s birthday today, so all’s well. If you haven’t already done so, then read this. One of DBSK’s cutest interviews ever (focused on Yunho!) and you’ve gotta love Minnie’s replies ^^.

This has got to be one of the lamest birthday posts ever, but I don’t have any good links at all. I’ve only recently started fangirling of these bunch of hot boys, but what with school and exams (damn you all *shakes fist*), I just haven’t had the time to watch their variety shows. So no links this time round.

Ooh, a show that just popped to mind is ‘Family Outing’! Yunho and Junsu appear on this hilarious variety show and omgshh drooling XDD. You can watch it on Youtube here, but it’s not that high in quality. (Thanks to eternalmerkamoon4 for subbing!) I did download both episodes in shiny high quality, but I FORGOT WHERE FROM :(. So sorry I can’t be of any help.

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DBSK spilling the secrets: Yunho

I don’t normally spazz about their interviews, but this time it’s just too cute for words ^^. (Words in italics are my opinion.)


My Goal for 2009
YH: First of all, I’d like to improve my Japanese-speaking ability. Also, I’d like to grow both emotionally and internally. In my private time I’d like to go to Las Vegas! I went before for work, but shooting while looking at the Grand Canyon and the wonderful scenery is something that really remains in my memories!

My Recent Favourite Item
Yunho's hat

YH: A hat I got from someone, by a brand called “Clover”. When I want to look cool I use it to hide one of my eyes a little, and when I want to look cute and fashionable I push the hat to the back of my head and put on glasses. This is something I was taught by a famous fashion editor!

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