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Yoochun’s gelato shop

Yoochun - Timeout

Yup, he’s opening up a gelato shop in ApgujungDong :). Smart move Yoochunnie! What a way to gather all fangirls under one roof, where the fruit flavours are 100% fat free and the milk flavours 94% fat free. To enjoy your idol’s product and in a guilt free way… 8DDDD.

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YooMin show how to count in English and WOAH, THEY GET TOUCHY-FEELY XDD. Changmin gives an embarassed giggle and then gets really into the role.



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DBSK members’ voices

Since I made one for Super Junior, I decided to ask around and see whose voice stood out to fans when they first listened to DBSK’s songs. Here’s mine:

1. Yoochun
2. Junsu
3. Changmin (I sometimes got his voice mixed up with Junsu’s though, but as soon as I hear Junsu singing after his solo, I’d be like, no way, how can I confuse their voices o.o”? XD)
4. Jaejoong
5. Yunho (I’m still not entirely sure of what his voice sounds like really. He needs to get more lines!)

I dunno, I think some people say that Jae’s voice is really distinctive? That’s what my brother says anyway. But I found his voice just seemed to blend in so well with the songs, maybe that’s why Yoochun’s voice really stood out to me.

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Chun’s so talented at songwriting :D. (Italics are my thoughts.)


My Goal for 2009
YC: If I have the time, I think I’d like to go on a trip overseas with my mother and younger brother. To Europe or like, various other places. Anywhere is fine! My goal work-wise is to do my best at composing music that is good enough to be able to offered to other artists. I also want to practice singing more and get better at it!

My Recent Favourite Item

Yoochun's candle

YC: Francfranc candles. Lately I haven’t had much room for comfort both time-wise and mentally, so I haven’t been able to sleep well. Since I’ve got various things I’m worried about….. So I light up a lot of this type of candle and recharge. I buy them quite a lot in Korea too, and I’ve got lots of other different ones! They’re unexpectedly expensive, aren’t they?

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