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Yoochun’s gelatos

Well hello there! Gosh they look so enticing and fatty! I seriously doubt what Yoochunnie said about these being XX% fat free; AS IF. Maybe they’re not high in fat, but sugar…definitely high in that. Just look at the chocolate flavour one xD. But still…I WANT.

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It’s sweet of the boys to thank their fans ^^. Although, I think the highlight of this translation is “TEAM CHANCE”, aka, Changmin + Junsu :DD. I think if you say that in Japanese, it’ll probably sound like ‘chansu’…or something like that xD. Don’t quote me on it, I stopped learning Japanese years ago ^^”.

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Yunho to star in a drama?

Remember this? It seems that Yunho has been invited to act in a drama, but he hasn’t accepted just yet.

Yunho for acting?

Ooh, Minho may be acting in it as well? Hmm, I had thought it was going to be a Japanese drama, but if Minho’s going to be in it…unless he’s been secretly learning Japanese, I highly doubt it’ll be a J-drama ^^”.

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Yunho’s handwriting

Take a look at his handwriting as a kid ^^.

Yunho's letter to God

According to dd at SYC, the letter translates to this:

It is hard to make out some of the lines but the first thing he asks for is healing for for someone he knows is ill, he is really concerned about that person’s health. Also he talks about his worries,wanting to do well in school but having so much work outside of schoolwork. Asks if he is being selfish for asking stuff for himself. Last part I don’t understand.

Oh yeah, I should mention it is a letter to God.

As;dlkfjsd;lkajdf;lk how extremely cute is that? ♥♥♥♥ I admire how he hasn’t let fame and fortune blind him; such a faithful person *___*.

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DBSK Gimpo Airport photos

Photos are from May 6th.

I don’t normally post much about their airport pics, but really, who can ignore Changmin’s sexy back? ^^

Gimpo airport

I especially like his long legs :Q__________! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Jae looks very pretty here ^^”. Gah, I can stare at their legs all day long *_____*. Omg why do I sound like such a perv?

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THIS MAN IS BEYOND AWESOME. How does he do it?! I like how he adds his own feel into his playing <3.

Take a look at his cover of Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’. Man, it’s too good *___*.

[Video credit: yoonha85 – the man himself :D]

DBSK’s Mirotic || SNSD – Gee || Wonder Girls’ Nobody

Check out his channel for more covers. He doesn’t just cover Kpop, he also plays American music too, if you’re intersted ^^.

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