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T-ara’s debut on M!Countdown

Credit: aisooyoung

Honestly? I’m disappointed. And it’s not like I expected much either. Firstly, lipsynching = no no. Not even for a debut performance, at least, not at this stage. If these girls want to stand out among the sea of girl groups, they’ve really gotta pull their act together.

I love the song a lot (considering I had only just heard it yesterday, that’s saying quite a bit), but the performance just doesn’t seem to make me feel the ‘omgsh this song is awesome and so is the performance’ kind of thing. Hopefully, the girls will sing live tomorrow. And um…I think they need to find better clothes. No, I don’t expect them all to dress exactly alike, but what they had on in the performance made them look all over the place. Perhaps ones which make them look more as a group? Just a suggestion :/.

(I’m a bit confused. Are they T-ara or Tiara? ;~;)


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