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This is an extremely old video, but it’s really too interesting x). Especially when the video involves SJ. Or maybe even pink + Sungmin xD.

Love what he says about pink being made ‘girly’; seriously, if it weren’t so girly, I reckon guys wouldn’t mind as much if they have to wear pink. And he’s so serious when he talks about pink. Sungmin-ah! ♥♥♥

(Haha, Shindong’s reaction when Sungmin took his pink things out of his bag…it’s priceless :D. And then he grows bored when Sungmin’s defending his pink-ness lol.)

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Teuk gives such a long hug to a fan XD. And another one full runs to him and give him a shock. Shindong seems surprised a girl wants to hug him; d’awww, he’s such a huggable person <33. And it’s so true that Sungmin has middle aged women fans ^^. The lady provides a list of traits she likes about Min and since I’m so fail, I only caught ‘cute’ XD. And he has a fanboy *___*! The guy half runs over lmao. I’d love to see what he’s saying about SJ; awesome stuff, I bet ;D. Oh gosh, this little boy FULL REJECTS LEADER FOR MIN ROFLMAO! He’s such a cutie, just like Min ^^.

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Gosh, these roomies are just… XD. Min is so proud that he drank with Kyu ♥♥.

Sungmin's Cyworld

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Remember the hugging event? Here are some photos of the boys hugging their fans ^^. Poor Teuk, he looks like he’s being attacked in the first couple of photos xD. I love the last one with the little boy. AND, there’s a man buying bread inside the shop taking a photo XDD.

Super Junior,Leeteuk

Super Junior,Leeteuk Super Junior,Sungmin Leeteuk,Shindong,Sungmin,Super Junior Shindong,Leeteuk,Sungmin,Super Junior 

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Errrr, actually it’s only three of the members – Leeteuk, Sungmin and Shindong – giving free hugs along with another three 2PM members – Jaebum, Wooyoung and Chansung. But that’s not really the point of me posting; my main point is that I can finally see Sungmin’s hair in broad day light! Yeah, I’m still obsessing over his hair. Is that sad?

HIII SUNGMIN :DD. You know, it really doesn’t look that bad. That, or it’s growing on me. 


Is it just me, or does it seem like Shindong’s hairstyle is slowly morphing back to its original mushroom shape?

Super Junior,Shindong Kangin,Super Junior

Gah, must stop my recent obsession with the boys’ hair.

Photo credit: allkpop

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Kiss the Radio

SUNGMIN *___*. How can a man act so cute and be manly at the same time? ♥♥♥♥♥

I don’t normally take much notice of KTR photos, but this time…Sungmin’s cuteness captured my attention and I can’t stop staring ^^;;.

Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio Kiss the Radio

For once, Yesung looks normal XD.

Photo credit: sjfantasy

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