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Star Golden Bell!!! I have not watched a single episode since vinchenzo79 got suspended from youtube and stopped subbing ;___;. BUT! I’ll be looking forward to this episode. Looks like SHINee will be dancing to ‘Tell me your wish’ :DDDD! Not all too familiar with 2pm, so I’m not exactly sure of what they’re doing. Is it some part of their choreography? ^^”

OMG. OMGOMGOMG. ONEW ♥♥♥♥!!! He makes random noises and OMG ONEW WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME!??!?! This dorky, dorky leader is quickly becoming my fave in SHINee :DD. (I can’t believe these guys are going to try and break into the Japanese music market ;~;. Just when I’m starting to love them so much too.)

Credit: prot0980


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