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Out of the 305 songs I’ve listened to this week, these are my Top 20:

20. Super Junior – It’s You
19. DBSK – One
18. SHINee – Scar
17. JaeChun – SHELTER
16. SHINee – Four Seasons
15. SHINee – Amigo
14. SHINee – Love Should Go On
13. JaeChun – Colour ~Melody And Harmony~
12. Fahrenheit – 找幸福给你
11. MBLAQ – Oh Yeah
10. f(x) – Lachata
09. SMTOWN – Only Love
08. SMTOWN – Snow Dream
07. Super Junior K.R.Y – Dream Of Being A Hero
06. Kary Ng – 座右銘
05. SMTOWN – Let’s Go on a Trip
04. Linda Chung & Steven Ma – 小故事 (A Journey Called Life)
03. T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)
02. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

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Hmmm, it’s rather SM dominated ^^;;. I need more variety. Any suggestions? :)


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MBLAQ – ‘Oh Yeah’

(Am I jumping on the bandwagon? Probably ;~;)

For some reason, I never seem to like to follow a group from the day they are marketed and debuted. Even though I end up regretting it later, I just can’t seem to bring myself to be really interested in them in their early days. Which is why I put in extra effort to try and get to know MBLAQ. Through their debut song, at least.

Honestly, I’m not really feeling the song right now. I reckon there’s more rapping than actual singing in the song :/. And the constant repetition of ‘oh yeah~’ really annoys me. Call me biased or whatever for liking SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ or SNSD’s ‘Gee’, but for some reason, the ‘oh yeah’ comes off to me as more annoying than catchy. And the shirt lifting at 2:04! Normally, I’m all for YESSS SKIN!, but idk, I reckon the mv could have gone without. At least it could have been executed with a tad more tact. It was just too ‘omg look at my hot and toned bod!!!’ and in-your-face for me.

Credit: allkpop

Maybe the song will grow on me? I’ll try and give the rest of their album a listen.

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