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Young F4

Kim Bum *___*. He looks pretty much the same as now ^^. And HyunJoong, he looks exactly the same. Especially the eyes; I always thought the bags under his eyes were a result of working so much, but maybe he’s always had them. And I’ve already spazzed about Minho and Kim Joon, but my it’s great to know not everyone is plastic :D. Especially F4!♥ They’re all naturally pretty, that’s all ^^;;.

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He looks very pretty indeed ^^. It’s nice to know that not everyone gets double-eyelid surgery in Korea; I know Lee Junki is another example :).

Kim Joon_high school

Kim Joon

I know he’s a newbie actor, but if only he can have more lines. The other F3 seem to be dominating the story (not that I’m complaining!), while he doesn’t seem to get as much screen time. Please scriptwriters, let him say a bit more than “Yo!”, “Hey man!” or ‘Wassup!” ^^;;.

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If you haven’t already seen it, watch it here ENGLISH subbed ^^.

Gosh, I’m really loving this episode :D. I’m mainly writing this as I’m watching, so please bear with the dot point spazzing/summarising ^^;;.

→ Asd;lfkjds, Jun Pyo saves Jan Di XDDD!! She looks so weak and vulnerable in his arms; they really look good together.

→ When Jan Di is sitting on Jun Pyo’s bed and he leans over as he were going to kiss her *__*, but ends up getting the first aid kit :P. AND THEN HE KISSES HER ON THE FOREHEAD ADLKSFJASDLK;FJ!!!! I love the two of them, their personalities make them such a great couple ♥♥♥.

→ Jan Di’s reaction to the price of the bicycle, it’s priceless ;DD. Oh, and doesn’t she look good dressed in Jun Pyo’s pajamas ^_____^?

→ Jan Di’s brother (ahh, I don’t remember his name :() slams the door on Jun Pyo in shock, then proceeds to his computer to check if the Jun Pyo is actually standing outside their house xDD. I love the family’s reaction when Jun Pyo knows what a “cutlass” is ^^. Ahh, too cute.

→ Jun Pyo announcing Jan Di as his girlfriend and her reaction to it ♥__♥. And guhhh, Kim Bum’s smile *_____*.

→ ROFLMAO, emergency at Jan Di’s house xDD. Jan Di’s brother Gang San (they said his name ;D) phones Ga Eul and says there’s an emergency at home LOLOL!! Cut to Jan Di’s reaction when she sees her house is flooded with furniture ^^.

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