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Since I don’t really care about the negative news surrounding her, I decided to give her new song a go. And to my surprise, the song is actually pretty good. I don’t really understand the mv, but the song’s catchy anyway :).

She has a nice, husky voice which really suits the song imo. For some reason, I really like girls who sing with low-ish husky voices, which I guess is why I like Yoobin and her rapping so much^^.

There’s something about the song which makes it sound slightly different to the Kpop I’m used to listening; perhaps there’s a bit of American music style incorporated into it. After all, Jessica did grow up in the States. I say that despite her past, give the song a go. It’s not exactly your typical catchy song, but it somehow captures your attention and makes you want to listen to it again. I’m definitely interested anyway.


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