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Even though I’m not much of a Kara fan, I thought it was rather cute of the girls to support HyunJoong. Plus, Nicole is really growing on me :). DSP love <333.
Han Seungyeon = Kim Hyunjoong’s Manners + Koo Junpyo’s Looks

“Hyunjoong Oppa’s manners and the way he spends his heart makes him the ideal type for all girls. However, lately Koo Junpyo-like looks have slowly caught my eye.”

Park Gyuri = Kim Hyunjoong’s Looks and Heart

“SS501’s leader Kim Hyunjoong Oppa is the best. Whether it’s his appearance or his personality, it’s all so handsome. I’m definitely not being biased just because we’re from the same company. Haha”

Nicole = Kim Bum’s Personality

“In the drama Kim Bum seemed so handsome and his personality was so great, too. In fact, although his personality is even better than his looks, I think both are so good for him.”

Koo Hara = Koo Junpyo’s Looks and Personality

“Not long ago when we went to see Hyunjoong Oppa at the filming site, Koo Junpyo, no Lee Minho was kind enough to let me take a picture of him. He’s even more handsome and kind in real life.”

Kang Jiyoung = Kim Hyunjoong

“(KHJ) himself was full of hurt, and yet he was concerned for Geum Jandi and Koo Junpyo. His warm heart that cared for others was so handsome.”

Found this over on Kpop Jjang.


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They’re to appear on SMAPxSMAP for some BOF promotions. Here’s some photos of F4 and Goo Hye Sun at the airport. They all look so tired.

Lee Minho

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Wheeeeeeeeeee! I’ve been looking forward to this for years! :)  There’s going to be yet another OST album, which will be called ‘F4 Special Edition’. Each member of F4 will be covering a song (solos!) of their choice. HyunJoong’s song is “행복이란” (Thing Called Happiness), which was first sung by Jo Kyung Soo back in the ’70’s.

Download HyunJoong’s cover here.

Download credit: dramabeans


I can’t wait to hear how Kim Bum sings :D.

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THEY’RE SO CUTEEEE <333! I’m not sure why Lee Minho wasn’t part of the CF, but oh gosh, the three of them are too adorable for words. The entire CF consists of them doing things with their fingers.

OMIGOSH KIM BUM TAKING PART IN POTTERY? -brain malfunctioning- Ooh, at 0:47, HyunJoong face breaks out into a delighted smile which makes me want to run over and hug him!♥ He looks like he’s so happy and just in total bliss. And OMGsh I love the part where Kim Bum and Kim Joon are pretending to be mirror reflections and then PROCEED TO MAKE A FACE AND STICK OUT THEIR TONGUES AT EACH OTHER!!! Guuhhhh, I can’t think anymore.

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He may look a tad emotionless sometimes, but he sure is witty :). Ahh, I miss WGM with the ‘Lettuce Couple’. But before the article, don’t the four of them look absolutely amazing in their new hairstyle? *___*

Boys Over Flowers
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I’m not so sure about this actually -_____-. F4 is meant to stand for ‘Flower’ Boys, so if we were to have not so pretty guys being F4 (not saying they’re not good looking; they just don’t have the ‘pretty’ factor..? Idk), it would totally defy the purpose of the drama.

American F4

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