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A;DLKJFASKL;DFJAD, I LOVE YESUNG SO MUCH! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ He is such a dork, and gosh, I love what he did in the CF XDDDD. Siwon looks so hot here, Heechul is so sexy with his ‘ahhh’ and Yesung omg *______*! Love this adorkable man to bits <3333!

[Video credit: obscurepanic]


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Just out of curiousity, which member’s voice stood out to you the first time you listened to SuJu’s songs? Considering there’s thirteen members in the group, I just thought this would be interesting to know ^^. For me, I got to know SuJu through SuJu Fullhouse, and when I first listened to ‘U’, Kangin’s voice really stood out to me. However, when I heard ‘Haengbok’, Ryeowook’s voice was just too distinctive :). So I’d say the order (roughly) for me would be:

1. Kangin
2. Ryeowook (I LOVE his voice!♥)
3. Eunhyuk (since he’s the main rapper; I fell in love with his rapping *__*!)
4. Sungmin
5. Donghae
6. Kibum (the other rapper ^^;;)
7. Yesung (a lovely, breathy voice – who can not love it?)
8. Kyuhyun (such a heart melting voice ♥♥)
9. Leeteuk
10. Shindong (the last rapper :))
11. Siwon
12. Heechul
13. Hankyung (only ‘cos he didn’t have many lines in songs)

So yeah, what about other fans of SuJu? Whose voice stood out to you right from the beginning?

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Heechul has updated his cyworld with a post regarding his kissing rampage.

Heechul's cyworld entry

Although I may be able to read some Korean, in no way can I understand what I’m reading. But according to Popseoul!, Heechul isn’t happy with antis spreading rumours regarding his kisses – that he is trying to start a trend “for boy-on-boy kissing.”

I know I’m one of the fans who aren’t really appreciating this type of fan service, but in no way do I hate Heechul =/. I-I just want this kissing rampage to be over.


If there’s anyone out there who can translate this entry, it will be greatly appreciated :).

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I’m actually laughing at this, rather than feeling disgusted, BECAUSE YESUNGIE IS SUCH A DORK XDDDD! During the ‘Haengbok’ performance, Heechul leans in to kiss Hankyung, and while Shindong looks on, Yesung blocks the kiss by placing his finger on Heechul’s lips.



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I don’t really agree with some of the ranks of the boys; it seems there’s some bias towards BOF. And as much as I like HyunJoong, Jae should be all the way at the top ^^;;. No one can deny he’s got a very pretty face.

1. Kim Hyunjoong (SS501, BOF)
2. Jo Insung
3. Lee Minho (BOF)
4. Jang Geunseok
5. Jung Ilwoo
6. Jang Donggeon
7. Kim Bum (BOF)
8. Kang Dongwon
9. NichKhun (2PM)
10. Kim Wonjoon
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Heechul kisses Siwon

I guess it was kind of a given -_-;;. Heechul kissed Siwon during the SMTown concert in Bangkok. Take a look at it for yourself.

I-I really have nothing to say about this anymore. I’m just so over the fact that Heechul goes around kissing guys as a form of fanservice. I don’t get how fans find this ‘hot’ to watch; I actually find this rather disturbing. But have it your way if you want, I’m not going to stop your way of thinking.

PLEASE Heechul, let this be the last one. I love your crazy personality and all, but going around kissing guys (or make believe kissing) is going just a tad too far.

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