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Wow. I never saw this one coming. I can’t say I’m a close follower of F.T. Island, but I definitely like their songs. And now that one of the original members are leaving…it’s just not the same. Even though they’re going to add a new member into the group, it’ll be totally different to what it originally was.

According to the company, “WonBin, who played the guitar on the team, has left the team. It was a hard decision for WonBin too.”

So this is no rumour. It’s a FACT.

I’m still in shock. They’ve hardly been around for two years and one of the members have decided to leave because of different views on their music style.

Well, all the best to Won Bin, whether he’ll make a comeback as a solo artist or…something. Because really, HongKi was pretty much the only singer for the band.


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This is a cut from Joahseo (Good Daddy). And gosh Heechul’s so excited :D.

He must have a really good relationship with Hongki because seriously, who on earth will know “CD’s House” = Album? XDD And I love his description for “Apple”; somehow Snow White becomes “White Princess” in Heechul’s world ^^. But of course, his obssession love for Wonder Girls is shown once again when he mimics their ‘Nobody’ dance movement for “body”. Ahhh Heechul never fails to crack me up. And to think he’s an English major xD.

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