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Out of the 305 songs I’ve listened to this week, these are my Top 20:

20. Super Junior – It’s You
19. DBSK – One
18. SHINee – Scar
17. JaeChun – SHELTER
16. SHINee – Four Seasons
15. SHINee – Amigo
14. SHINee – Love Should Go On
13. JaeChun – Colour ~Melody And Harmony~
12. Fahrenheit – 找幸福给你
11. MBLAQ – Oh Yeah
10. f(x) – Lachata
09. SMTOWN – Only Love
08. SMTOWN – Snow Dream
07. Super Junior K.R.Y – Dream Of Being A Hero
06. Kary Ng – 座右銘
05. SMTOWN – Let’s Go on a Trip
04. Linda Chung & Steven Ma – 小故事 (A Journey Called Life)
03. T-ara & Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)
02. SHINee – Ring Ding Dong

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Hmmm, it’s rather SM dominated ^^;;. I need more variety. Any suggestions? :)


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I’ve decided to post the top 20 songs I listen to throughout a week. Although today is Sunday, I think I’ll end my week on a Saturday from the next entry onwards ^^. For anyone who reads my blog or comes across this post, you’re most welcome to share your ‘Top 20’ of the week. I’ll be using lastfm.com to calculate my rankings :).

As this is a blog dedicated to Kpop artists, my most dominant songs will most likely be Kpop. I do, however, listen to a bit of Cpop, a tiny amount of Jpop and probably 0.001% of my music collection consists of English songs ^^;;. So just don’t be surprised if my ‘Top 20′ consists of only Korean songs.

Out of the 102 songs I’ve listened to this week, these are the Top 20:

20. Super Junior M – 我的二分之一
19. Super Junior – Marry U
18. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
17. DBSK – Box in the Ship
16. Super Junior – Rock this house
15. Super Junior – Heartquake
14. Super Junior – Gee
13. Super Junior – Missin’ U
12. Super Junior – Hate U, Love U
11. DBSK – Hug
10. Super Junior T – First Express
09. Super Junior – HAPPY TOGETHER
08. Super Junior – It’s You
07. Epik High – Umbrella (Ft. Younha)
06. Super Junior – Endless Moment
05. Super Junior M – 告白
04. Super Junior M – 愛情接力
03. Super Junior M – 動情
02. Super Junior M – SUPER GIRL
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(Lol, I think the SJ dominance is a result of me listening to my SJ playlist in the past couple of days. Let’s hope my future ‘Top 20’ won’t be so biased XD.)

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I just couldn’t resist this photo ♥____♥.

These boys are gorgeous *___*. There really isn’t any other word which describes them. Especially Jae omg. Can he look any more beautiful?! I adore the embedded pic of him ♥.

I think these photos were shot so well <3. Quite tasteful, imo. Now if I could get my hands on the magazine… ;D.

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I really miss the DongBang boys :(. I was watching a few fancams of their concert in Shanghai the other day and it made me realise how long it’s been since I last saw them as a group together. As;dklfjas;ldkfj, I shouldn’t make you feel depressed too.

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Omg, these boys knew Stevie Hoang remade ‘Why did I fall in love with you’ (lmao, everytime I type Stevie, I almost always immediately type ‘Wonder’ xD)?? That is so epic! Here’s a comment the boys left on his website.


“We feel a little different taste in this song being compared to Tohoshinki’s “Doushite Kimi wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?”

This is STEVIE HOANG’s ver, while the other is Tohoshinki’s ver.  There’s a different approach to the song.

Also, the great powerful attractive solo vocal which is also transmitted, that has completed everything.

In Tohoshinki ver. this song is sung by 5 people. From a view of immature person.

The song fits Hoang’s voice.

There’s a reverse charm in it that will touch your heart.”


credit: xiahyu-ri
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Asd;lfkjsa;ldfkj; boys you are so sweet *___*. I hope fans will enjoy Stevie’s remake of the song and not try and compare it (read: say it sucks and that DBSK is so much better) with DBSK’s version.

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Does anyone know anything about Stevie Hoang? I’ve read that he’s a youtube user turned real singer and would you look at that, a remake of ‘Why did I fall in love with you’. My friend sent me this link and honestly, I think it’s a nice try. Maybe it’s because I absolutely love the original song, but I really think the remake isn’t too bad. I like how Stevie changed parts of it to give the song he’s own style.

His voice does sound a bit too nasally and I don’t think he has as high of a voice range as some of the members of DBSK. Still, I reckon he’s given the song a good try.

EDIT: Here’s some info about Stevie :D

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