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AHHHHH, IT’S FINALLY SUBBED!!! Thanks so much to ramensoupsubs for subbing it ^__^. I haven’t got the time to watch the whole episode yet, but the first part alone is cracking me up, BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL TRYING SO HARD TO SPEAK ENGLISH XDDD!

Part 1

For the rest of the parts, check out ramensoupsubs’ channel.


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So apparently he’s going to appear in the Korean New Year special. I really look forward to see how he’s going to ‘survive’ on the show, lol. It’s just that the way he looks doesn’t seem to fit Family Outing’s concept.

Daniel HenneyFamily Outing

I’ve really begun to like him since seeing him on Kim Samsoon. I’m definitely going to be on the look out for the subbed episode for this (ramensoupsubs please survive to sub this XD. Considering FO is aired on SBS, I’m not sure how long they’ll last).

And this reminds me, I’ve still got to watch the episodes with Rain appearing, despite not being that much of a fan of his. Because really, how can I ignore the probability of ‘magic stick’ appearing ^^;?

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