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Um…I’m only going to post three of the performances. ‘Cos they’re the only ones I watched. Crapola, I’m so swamped with work as of now T__T.

SHINee – ‘Ring Ding Dong’; Ok, these guys have got soooo much stage presence *___________*. It’s no wonder they won! I LOVE THE CLOSE UP OF ONEW AT “COMPLICATE GIRL” OMGGGGG. These boys are just so freaking good ♥♥♥♥. Minho still needs a haircut. Someone go get a pair os scissors and chop some off ;~;. As;ldkjfa;lsdkjf KEY’S HAIR MAKES ME GIDDY. He is so smoking hot *__* *fans self* And Jonghyun! How much does this guy pwn at singing??? ♥♥ Taemin is improving so, so much as well <3. As;ldkjfa;sldkfj I LOVE SHINee ♥♥♥♥♥.

SS501 – ‘Love like this’; I still find something lacking with their choreography ;___;. The song is still awesome though. And the boys are hot <3. I’m really glad they decided not to wear the fake tattoo shirts anymore XD. They were quite…terrible. I really hope that as they get used to performing as a group again, their performances will have that extra ‘oomph’ I feel lacking. ‘Cos the song is definitely great; they just need that little more to win some awards ♥.

T-ara & Supernova – TTL 2; This is actually the first performance of this song I’ve watched. And…I like it! :DD The song is pretty awesome stuff, and watching the performance made it seem ten times better <3. Asd;lfkj I really need to learn names. The girl with the red jacket seems to get a lot of lines though, and I see a girl who gets no close-up shots at all :(. Didn’t see her singing any solo lines either. It was still quite a nice performance; I’ll definitely be watching their future ones.

SHINee winning; Did I hear Onew thanking Changmin and Heechul?? ♥____♥ SM-LOVE FTW BABYYYYYY. AND OMG. WAS IT KEY WHO SHOUTED “THANK YOU BABIES”??? Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.


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T-ara’s debut on M!Countdown

Credit: aisooyoung

Honestly? I’m disappointed. And it’s not like I expected much either. Firstly, lipsynching = no no. Not even for a debut performance, at least, not at this stage. If these girls want to stand out among the sea of girl groups, they’ve really gotta pull their act together.

I love the song a lot (considering I had only just heard it yesterday, that’s saying quite a bit), but the performance just doesn’t seem to make me feel the ‘omgsh this song is awesome and so is the performance’ kind of thing. Hopefully, the girls will sing live tomorrow. And um…I think they need to find better clothes. No, I don’t expect them all to dress exactly alike, but what they had on in the performance made them look all over the place. Perhaps ones which make them look more as a group? Just a suggestion :/.

(I’m a bit confused. Are they T-ara or Tiara? ;~;)

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T-ara’s ‘Lies’ mv

Having heard so much about this group in the past few months, it’s hard to believe these girls are only just debuting ^^.

Credit: jaeuraznmv1

This song honestly took me by surprise. I don’t usually like songs upon first listen, but ‘Lies’ is one of the rare exceptions. It’s just got something I like, and mv is pretty good too. Yes, the whole boy cheating on girl storyline is a bit overused, but in this case, I think the girls pulled it off quite well. The dancing though, they could have done with a better choreography, imo.

Now I’ve only got to learn their names and put name to face. Give me about a couple of weeks to a month for me to accomplish that ;__;.

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