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In which Kyuhyun shows off his math skills. Oh Kyu bb, how I love you ♥.

Credit: dkpopnews11

Our resident SJ math genius looked so upset that he was off the correct answer by one. Kyu, come to me and I’ll hug you until you feel better :D.

He must be exceptionally good at maths though, considering the speed at which the numbers were shown. Ooh, I love the “Super Jr. & SHINee/Starking” on the upper right corner. Pause at 0:26 at to see his triumphant smile. Have I said how much I love this guy? I love you so much, Kyu ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.


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This is such a spam post, but I couldn’t resist posting this gif of Kyu being bullied and then turning the tables XDDD. I RECKON THIS GUY IS BEYOND AWESOME.

So he gets smooched by Kangin. His ‘><‘ is totally adorable *_____*. I love how he’s frozen for like 2 seconds and then proceeds to slap Kangin with…a ruler?? XDD Idk what he’s holding, but his reaction sure is pricless. Oh Kyu ♥__♥.

Kyuhyun,Kangin,Super Junior H,Super Junior

Credit as tagged.

Hopefully I’ll be able to crawl out of my hole tomorrow. Am totally ecstatic with this!

P.S. Happy Birthday to DongDong Shindong ♥!

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Honestly, the mv isn’t all that interesting, but Kyu’s voice is so much love ♥. It makes me feel all warm and gooey inside, and I don’t care if that’s cliched or whatever. Kyu’s voice…mmmm, it’ll melt any cold hearted person <3.

Credit: Sup3rJunior

P.s. Happy birthday to Teukie ♥♥. Take a look at Fishy’s love for his hyung. Gosh, these boys are adorable ♥__♥. I hope he’s feeling less stressed and happier :/. The rest of the members must do something for their leader! :D

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I love Kyu’s sense of humour so much ♥____♥. I don’t care if I’m spamming you with Intimate Note links; THIS ONE IS A MUST WATCH. Kyu is the cutest magnae ever omg. He writes ‘annonymous’ notes to the four ‘awkward’ members and LOOOOOL, he writes the same intro and ending XDD. AND CHEATS ON THEM TOO. Rofl, I don’t think I’m making much sense to those who haven’t seen this. WATCH IT.


[Video credit: jaynerox1991]

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OMG BBQ *___*

Saw this over at candychu’s wp and just stared. And stared. AND STARED. HOW CUTE AND AWESOME AND HOT AND SEXY AND EVERYTHING ELSE DOES KYU LOOK? ♥__________♥

KYU :Q____

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I can’t believe I’ve never seen this video before *fails*. They’re both so adorable and cute and SO COMPETITIVE! I love both their voices so much; I really can’t make up my mind which one I prefer. Kyu’s voice is so deep and soothing, whilst Ryeowook’s really stands out and sounds so unique to me. But but but, what’s hilarious is that Kyu starts dancing to gain more votes and then Ryeowook follows and does this super cute dance at 0:57 ^^. AND THEN KYU DOES THE ‘U’ HIP THRUST PART –dies-.

[Video credit: kettch08]

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