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Kibum, is that you?!

*DOUBLETAKE* Is this why you haven’t been with SJ Kibum? Please come back with SJ when they promote their second song…at least ;____;. I’m happy he filmed with Kim Bum though :).

Kibum: We start

Kibum: We start Photo credit as tagged.


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Kibummie, we miss you

I saw this video over on LAEC and made me realise just how much I miss Kibum. Gosh, it really reminded me of their Fullhouse days for some reason. Kibum, come back with SJ’s second song?

[Video credit: eternalove4suju]

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I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with this =/. Kibum’s been attending acting classes. That’s it. FULL STOP. This isn’t another rumour either (like the one about his mother being sick in the US), since an SME representative clearly stated it.

“Kim Kibum participated in the album recording and music video filming, so he is still a member of Super Junior. As for his absence from Super Junior’s promotions, he is taking acting classes now for his future acting career/auditions. That’s why he was absent.”

I love Kibum and all, but couldn’t he have at least participated in SuJu’s first comeback stage?

Ahhh, the rest of the members are supportive of him, so I really shouldn’t be complaining. I’m just feeling sore because on the surface, it just seems like he’s ditching SuJu for acting.

It may be that the acting classes were some sort of special ones, therefore he couldn’t miss them. Oh IDK, I just want to rant ><.

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A 21 second CF of Kim So Eun and Kibum back in 2005. So Eun is trying to discretely give her phone number to Kibum by ‘talking’ on her phone  XD. Except it kind of fails when she suddenly receives a text message.

So cute ♥♥! And Kibum *_____*! I love his smile ♥♥♥.

And according to coolsmurf, Kim So Eun and Kim Bum are good friends and classmates at Chung-Ang University. AND MAJORING IN FILM STUDIES TOGETHER ♥___________♥.

My OTP actually friends in real life? ♥♥ I’m a very happy fangirl ^^.

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