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As;dlkfjas;kldjf Yongsaeng dances to ‘Gee’! :DDDDDD Hahaha, I still remember the time he danced to this song at their fanmeeting ^^. Yongsaengie is too adorable. He likes his girl groups and isn’t afraid to confess it XD.

I love how he’s constantly looking over at Jessica to prompt his memory, since he doesn’t remember the dance steps. Omgsh, CUTIE ♥!

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Um…I’m only going to post three of the performances. ‘Cos they’re the only ones I watched. Crapola, I’m so swamped with work as of now T__T.

SHINee – ‘Ring Ding Dong’; Ok, these guys have got soooo much stage presence *___________*. It’s no wonder they won! I LOVE THE CLOSE UP OF ONEW AT “COMPLICATE GIRL” OMGGGGG. These boys are just so freaking good ♥♥♥♥. Minho still needs a haircut. Someone go get a pair os scissors and chop some off ;~;. As;ldkjfa;lsdkjf KEY’S HAIR MAKES ME GIDDY. He is so smoking hot *__* *fans self* And Jonghyun! How much does this guy pwn at singing??? ♥♥ Taemin is improving so, so much as well <3. As;ldkjfa;sldkfj I LOVE SHINee ♥♥♥♥♥.

SS501 – ‘Love like this’; I still find something lacking with their choreography ;___;. The song is still awesome though. And the boys are hot <3. I’m really glad they decided not to wear the fake tattoo shirts anymore XD. They were quite…terrible. I really hope that as they get used to performing as a group again, their performances will have that extra ‘oomph’ I feel lacking. ‘Cos the song is definitely great; they just need that little more to win some awards ♥.

T-ara & Supernova – TTL 2; This is actually the first performance of this song I’ve watched. And…I like it! :DD The song is pretty awesome stuff, and watching the performance made it seem ten times better <3. Asd;lfkj I really need to learn names. The girl with the red jacket seems to get a lot of lines though, and I see a girl who gets no close-up shots at all :(. Didn’t see her singing any solo lines either. It was still quite a nice performance; I’ll definitely be watching their future ones.

SHINee winning; Did I hear Onew thanking Changmin and Heechul?? ♥____♥ SM-LOVE FTW BABYYYYYY. AND OMG. WAS IT KEY WHO SHOUTED “THANK YOU BABIES”??? Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.

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SS501 – ‘Love like this’ mv

Umm. The boys look hot! I know there are quite a few people out there who don’t like Baby’s hair, but I actually don’t mind it. I reckon it looks pretty good on him ^^.

The mv. I really, really like it. And the bits when the boys sign the letters of LOVE is cheesy, but awesome <3. I’m a bit so-so on the choreography though. Idk, why does it feel like it lacks a little bit of ‘oomph’? :/ No matter, the song is good, the boys are gorgeous (albeit the tattoo shirts .__.) and the mv is pretty cool.

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What an excellent comeback stage! ♥♥

Love, love, LOVE the intro! The boys lighted up each formed a letter – L.O.V.E – and then Leader making a heart ♥. Their dance looked pretty good too. As;dlfkjsa;dl so fierce *______*.

They seemed to have a mic problem though :(. Hopefully their Inki performance will be better <3.

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I’ve finally given the boys’ mini-album a proper listen, and I FREAKING LOVE IT. *________* ‘Rebirth’ is definitely a brilliant name for their mini-album; the music and style is quite different to their older stuff.

If only they hadn’t jumped onto the auto-tune bandwagon though ;~;.

Still, THE MV TEASER FOR ‘LOVE LIKE THIS’ IS OUT. It’s so, so awesome ♥♥♥♥♥. Can’t wait to see the entire mv :DDDD.

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I’m really only digging Yongsaeng’s colour photo. Idk, Leader and Kyu look…weird ://. I do like their black and white ones though.

Gosh, Yongsaeng looks gorgeoussss *-*. And Leader looks really smexed up in the b&w photos ♥. Kyu has better hair much, much better hair in the b&w photos ^^. Really, who decided to give him that gelled hair ‘geek’ look? D;

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