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My apologies

First and foremost, I apologise for suddenly making this blog private. It was for a few reasons which don’t need to be disclose, but I’ve finally decided to re-open it and allow the public to view its contents again.

I will no longer update this blog as I feel my need to spam and spazz has just faded away. (Unless SJ’s 4th jib is absolutely epic aka Geng & Kangin & Kibum coming back, I probably won’t feel the need to return any time soon.)

With that said, happy spazzing to fellow fans out there ♥. I haven’t completely disappeared from the blogosphere – and I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon – but for now, I just need a long break away from spazzing on this blog.


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From December 2nd onwards, I will officially be overseas on my 2+ months holiday. As a result, I will obviously be enjoying myself and will not be updating this blog regularly. Although I will try my best to try and stay up-to-date with the Kpop world (and Super Junior!), it will not be my priority to do so. Thus this blog will probably become rather neglected over the next two months. Once I return in February, this blog will hopefully become more spazzy again.

I guess I shouldn’t really call this a ‘temporary hiatus’, it’s more like an on-off hiatus .__.

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I say tentative because whenever I say things, it’s usually the opposite which occurs. Hence by saying I’m going on a hiatus, it’ll probably mean I’m not going on one :/. And so by saying it’s a tentative hiatus, I hope it turns out to be a definite one. Do I even make sense?

Anyway, Uni work is becoming too much of a burden for me right now. I’m actually currently on mid-sem break yet I’m still sunk deep in a huge pile of assignments, two of which are due in my supposed break. It’s insane, but it’s life. I haven’t even had the time to watch SJM’s Sohu interview nor SSII in HK fancams ;__; /whine. There are sacrifices which have to be made, and unfortunately, fandom is one. So until I can finally re-surface from my pile of assignments and grab a breath of fresh air, it’ll be bye bye to spazzing.

Edit: This ‘hiatus’ starts whenever I feel I should stop procrastinating

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[Mod Post] Hotlinking my pics


For those of you who don’t know what hotlinking is:

Hotlinking is simply taking my image links and sharing them with others.

So when you copy and paste a link to my images, you are hotlinking.

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In case I’m causing some sort of confusion, dis.is.CD = sugar&spice&allthingsnice. I felt like changing my username again .__. since I’m the most indecisive blogger ever. This blog remains to be authored by me only.

{Heechul crack ftw x)}

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[Mod Post] Some changes

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile (thank you for doing so, you’re really loved..well, by me anyway ;D), you’ll notice that I’ve made a couple of small changes to my blog title and my nickname. The reason being that I feel a tad exposed by using them, so I changed them. Nothing interesting behind the change really.

This is kind of a spam post; it’s just to let anyone know, if there’s any confusion.

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