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Kibum, is that you?!

*DOUBLETAKE* Is this why you haven’t been with SJ Kibum? Please come back with SJ when they promote their second song…at least ;____;. I’m happy he filmed with Kim Bum though :).

Kibum: We start

Kibum: We start Photo credit as tagged.


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THEY’RE SO CUTEEEE <333! I’m not sure why Lee Minho wasn’t part of the CF, but oh gosh, the three of them are too adorable for words. The entire CF consists of them doing things with their fingers.

OMIGOSH KIM BUM TAKING PART IN POTTERY? -brain malfunctioning- Ooh, at 0:47, HyunJoong face breaks out into a delighted smile which makes me want to run over and hug him!♥ He looks like he’s so happy and just in total bliss. And OMGsh I love the part where Kim Bum and Kim Joon are pretending to be mirror reflections and then PROCEED TO MAKE A FACE AND STICK OUT THEIR TONGUES AT EACH OTHER!!! Guuhhhh, I can’t think anymore.

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I don’t really agree with some of the ranks of the boys; it seems there’s some bias towards BOF. And as much as I like HyunJoong, Jae should be all the way at the top ^^;;. No one can deny he’s got a very pretty face.

1. Kim Hyunjoong (SS501, BOF)
2. Jo Insung
3. Lee Minho (BOF)
4. Jang Geunseok
5. Jung Ilwoo
6. Jang Donggeon
7. Kim Bum (BOF)
8. Kang Dongwon
9. NichKhun (2PM)
10. Kim Wonjoon
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Young F4

Kim Bum *___*. He looks pretty much the same as now ^^. And HyunJoong, he looks exactly the same. Especially the eyes; I always thought the bags under his eyes were a result of working so much, but maybe he’s always had them. And I’ve already spazzed about Minho and Kim Joon, but my it’s great to know not everyone is plastic :D. Especially F4!♥ They’re all naturally pretty, that’s all ^^;;.

Photo credit: allkpop

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A 21 second CF of Kim So Eun and Kibum back in 2005. So Eun is trying to discretely give her phone number to Kibum by ‘talking’ on her phone  XD. Except it kind of fails when she suddenly receives a text message.

So cute ♥♥! And Kibum *_____*! I love his smile ♥♥♥.

And according to coolsmurf, Kim So Eun and Kim Bum are good friends and classmates at Chung-Ang University. AND MAJORING IN FILM STUDIES TOGETHER ♥___________♥.

My OTP actually friends in real life? ♥♥ I’m a very happy fangirl ^^.

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Kim Bum pic spam :)

He’s really growing on me ^^. He looks really mature and yet he has a such a baby face ♥♥♥. I was thinking of putting the images in thumbnails to save bandwidth, but I just couldn’t resist blowing up his lovely face for all to see ;).

Kim Bum

Kim Bum 2

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