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Oh boys ♥♥. Hongki’s hair made me rofl so much. Everyone loves Dara’s hairstyle XDDD. Seunghyun’s rap was awesome. Although…did I hear him say “you better get horse”?! LOOOL. It’s ok bb, the English rap is quite a mouthful <3.

Rock version is really too good *__*.

Credit: wonderbangjjang

EDIT Here’s the boys’ entire performance, complete with Kara’s ‘Pretty Girl’

Um, I’m not familiar with Kara nor their songs so…yeah ^^”. I thought I knew who Nicole was, after watching quite a few SGB episodes, but I could not for the life of me figure out which of the girls was her in the video. Yeah, I fail :/.


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FT Island; I hope mv

I’m on a ‘catching-up-on-recently-released-mvs’ roll xD.

Credit: CJWTown

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of FT Island. Their old songs are ok, but I guess I’m not a rock ballad type person. That being said, I’m really enjoying their more pop-y and joyful song. This mv is just awesome – the mini-FT Islanders have pulled me in xD. The kids are so cute ♥! And the idea of going back in time, although a bit cliched, was rather cool still ^^”. Lol, do I even make sense?

After this mv, I’m looking forward to seeing more of FT Island’s new songs :).

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I was just watching Boom Boom Ba today, and to my surprise F.T. Island appeared! :DD I’ve seen a link to this video of the boys playing with Harlem Yu previously, but it didn’t click that they had actually appeared on the game show I was watching ^^.

This part is where the boys are versing the HK team in poking the most number of fish balls. Hongki did quite a good job XD;;;.

[Video credit:seunghyunfied]

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Just one day after it was official that Won Bin is leaving the group, a new member is already announced. F&C Music sure is quick when it comes to replacing members =/.

Song Seung Hyun

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Wow. I never saw this one coming. I can’t say I’m a close follower of F.T. Island, but I definitely like their songs. And now that one of the original members are leaving…it’s just not the same. Even though they’re going to add a new member into the group, it’ll be totally different to what it originally was.

According to the company, “WonBin, who played the guitar on the team, has left the team. It was a hard decision for WonBin too.”

So this is no rumour. It’s a FACT.

I’m still in shock. They’ve hardly been around for two years and one of the members have decided to leave because of different views on their music style.

Well, all the best to Won Bin, whether he’ll make a comeback as a solo artist or…something. Because really, HongKi was pretty much the only singer for the band.

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