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DBSK’s income is revealed


Hell no, this is waaaaaaaay beyond unfair :(.

1. TVXQ has received $0 from their album sales till July 2008, and a very small amount after.

Before the fifth modification that the company made with their contract, it stated that the profit from albums and singles with sales less than 500,000 copies would go 100% to SM Entertainment, which left the members with nothing. There has been no Korean album that have exceeded 500,000 album sales between the time of TVXQ’s debut and their 4th album Mirotic, which was the first album in Korea to sell over 500,000 albums for a long time.

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I just couldn’t resist this photo ♥____♥.

These boys are gorgeous *___*. There really isn’t any other word which describes them. Especially Jae omg. Can he look any more beautiful?! I adore the embedded pic of him ♥.

I think these photos were shot so well <3. Quite tasteful, imo. Now if I could get my hands on the magazine… ;D.

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I really miss the DongBang boys :(. I was watching a few fancams of their concert in Shanghai the other day and it made me realise how long it’s been since I last saw them as a group together. As;dklfjas;ldkfj, I shouldn’t make you feel depressed too.

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Omg, these boys knew Stevie Hoang remade ‘Why did I fall in love with you’ (lmao, everytime I type Stevie, I almost always immediately type ‘Wonder’ xD)?? That is so epic! Here’s a comment the boys left on his website.


“We feel a little different taste in this song being compared to Tohoshinki’s “Doushite Kimi wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?”

This is STEVIE HOANG’s ver, while the other is Tohoshinki’s ver.  There’s a different approach to the song.

Also, the great powerful attractive solo vocal which is also transmitted, that has completed everything.

In Tohoshinki ver. this song is sung by 5 people. From a view of immature person.

The song fits Hoang’s voice.

There’s a reverse charm in it that will touch your heart.”


credit: xiahyu-ri
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Asd;lfkjsa;ldfkj; boys you are so sweet *___*. I hope fans will enjoy Stevie’s remake of the song and not try and compare it (read: say it sucks and that DBSK is so much better) with DBSK’s version.

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JaeChun’s ‘Been So Long’

This song is actually not bad :)! Jae’s voice is sweet and awesome as usual, and Chun’s rapping isn’t half bad either ^^;;. I hear two rapping voices though; some are saying that Jae rapped as well, but imo it doesn’t really sound like him. Anyone can clarify that?

Credit: IknowUknow1

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So the teaser only lasted for 10 seconds. But omgsh, the boys look totally gorgeous *___*. It seems JaeChun basically just stand around and look beautiful, but hey, fangirls like that XD. Wonder what the random sploshes of colour mean.

Credit: withshine919

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