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So the teaser only lasted for 10 seconds. But omgsh, the boys look totally gorgeous *___*. It seems JaeChun basically just stand around and look beautiful, but hey, fangirls like that XD. Wonder what the random sploshes of colour mean.

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IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL *___*! Honestly, Chun’s voice isn’t my favourite of the group, but the boys’ voices just blend so well together; the song is love ♥. I really can’t wait till the mv is released for this song. I can just picture it – pretty boys standing around looking totally gorgeous…gahhh. MV hurry and be released already!

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I love it already and I’ve only listened to 49 seconds of the song. Yay for non-faily Yoochun rap :DDD! Lovelovelove the Chun-English at the beginning, despite slightly lol-ing at the fact that he almost always starts off a song with English. At least it makes sense this time XDD. And Jae’s voice! So sweet and beautiful – his adlibs at the beginning were wonderful *-*.

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And! How insanely beautiful are the covers?! ♥♥♥

CD version                                 DVD version
DBSK,Jaejoong,Yoochun DBSK,Jaejoong,Yoochun

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It’s been announced that ‘Heaven’s Postman’ will air sometime this month :). Can’t wait!

Oh Jaejoong *_____*. How can he be so good looking?! SO SMEXY IN THE CAR. And glasses 8D.


Jaejoong,DBSK Jaejoong,DBSK Heaven's Postman BTS Jaejoong,DBSK Jaejoong,DBSK


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Here’s a few photos of Park Ji Bin (the kid who played Jan Di’s younger brother…I forgot his name ^^;;) hanging out with Jaejoong :).


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No no no, he didn’t ^^;;. Recently, Sooyoung of SNSD appeared on SBS Champagne and revealed a funny story of Jaejoong during his earlier debut days.

TVXQ and other people were having dinner during the early days of TVXQ’s debut. A person came up to JJ and said, “You look a lot like Youngwoong Jaejoong” and because JJ has a sense of humor and likes to play around, he replied, “yes, I like Youngwoong Jaejoong so much, I got plastic surgery to look like him.” The person took this seriously and replied, “Oh really? But why did you pick Youngwoong Jaejoong instead of Uknow Yunho?”

Source: tvxqfever
Credit: joonni@dbsg

Oh gosh, did I say funny? THAT WAS HILARIOUS XDDD! I love his humour, but ohhh, poor Jae ^^. As funny as the last line is, it must have stung a bit. It’s ok Jae, you’re very good looking :).

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I don’t really agree with some of the ranks of the boys; it seems there’s some bias towards BOF. And as much as I like HyunJoong, Jae should be all the way at the top ^^;;. No one can deny he’s got a very pretty face.

1. Kim Hyunjoong (SS501, BOF)
2. Jo Insung
3. Lee Minho (BOF)
4. Jang Geunseok
5. Jung Ilwoo
6. Jang Donggeon
7. Kim Bum (BOF)
8. Kang Dongwon
9. NichKhun (2PM)
10. Kim Wonjoon
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