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DBSK in Australia


Omg. Why is my life so screwed up???? So while I’m in Hong Kong, one of my Kpop infatuations (well, four out of the five boys anyway) decide to drop by Australia for a visit. For the first time in my life, allow me to say FML. FMLFMLFML. THIS TOTALLY SUCKS. And JaeChunSu are in Sydney. IN SYDNEY. WHILE I’M IN HONG KONG.

I rant. And rave. I hate this so much.


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Changmin,DBSK DBSK,Changmin

(If my memory serves me correctly, these screen caps are from ‘Unforgettable Love’, my absolute favourite of the boys’ series of Banjun dramas :D.)

Article here.

Changminnie! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I really loved his parts in DBSK’s ‘Banjun Dramas’ so I’m really looking forward to seeing how well he does in his official acting debut ^-^.

First Jaejoong made his acting debut, then Yunho was confirmed a few days ago, now Changmin ♥! I’m eagerly awaiting for the announcement that Yoochun and Junsu will have their share of acting soon xD.

Although…does this mean the boys won’t be together as DBSK as much now? I hope it doesn’t mean there’s no Korean album this year :/. But then again, we can’t have everything.

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It’s sweet of the boys to thank their fans ^^. Although, I think the highlight of this translation is “TEAM CHANCE”, aka, Changmin + Junsu :DD. I think if you say that in Japanese, it’ll probably sound like ‘chansu’…or something like that xD. Don’t quote me on it, I stopped learning Japanese years ago ^^”.

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Guess who?


How awesome does this pic look?! I dunno if this picture is well known to fans, but I came across it and thought it was amazing *__*. My question to you, who do you think he is? Although I think the answer’s pretty obvious ^^”.


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YooMin show how to count in English and WOAH, THEY GET TOUCHY-FEELY XDD. Changmin gives an embarassed giggle and then gets really into the role.



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He’s grown a year older again ^^! But gosh, he’s really young O__O. Only 21 years old AND DBSK DEBUTED LIKE FIVE YEARS AGO! That means he was sixteen when they debuted :O.

Sometimes, I can’t really believe he’s the youngest in DBSK; he acts so mature compared to some of the other members ^^;;.

Happy 21st Birthday Changmin~


창민오빠 생일축하!

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