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DBSK – 2009 Best Hits

The boys look really awkward standing next to each other DDDDDDDDDDD:

Interview #1 – My heart is honestly breaking, just seeing that unnecessary gap between Changmin and Jaejoong. Min, that’s your hyung :(. He just seems to be shying away from Jae, as if he’s contagious or something. Their hearts really aren’t there at all. Just look at the huge pause at 0:57! It lasted for 3 seconds before Yunho spoke up. Under normal circumstances, I reckon the boys would have laughed this off and then proceed to answer the question. Asd;klfja;ldskf I really can’t bear watching it. Please have the lawsuit solved soon.

Singing ‘Stand By You’ – Beautiful performance *___*. Except it felt really awkward to me. Maybe I’m just looking too much into this, but it just felt like the five were there in person, but their hearts were else where.

Interview #2 – Changmin is avoiding Jaejoong again DDDD;. The whole interview was just awkward. No other word can describe it :(.


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