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With their mini-mes! The kids are utterly adorable, omg. Embedded pic is my absolute favourite, even though you really can’t see the kid ><. Kyu is just too much, pressing down on the kid’s shoulder. It’s like he’s trying to tell the kid indirectly that he’s the more mature one (and we really know that’s not true :P).

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In which Sungmin reveals why Sunny is not a celebrity in his eyes and Sunny retaliates, exposing Sungmin’s foot odour. XDDDDDDD

Sunny cuts; credit: toebeast

Sungmin cuts; credit: ferugamo13

I’m tired, so no spazzing from me. Except….oh Ming ♥. He’s so cute and pretty; I need to squish him quite badly ><.

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As;ldkfjas;ldkjfas;lkdjf! How cute and adorable and all sorts of other squishy stuff is this? ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I spam my love :D. Key looks terribly embarrassed, but at the same time, still dancing along to the song XD.

Ahhh, you’re really too cute, bb ♥.

Credit: SSYY008

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Because this guy is just too adorable and sweet. He gives fans too much credit, whatever happened to all his and the members’ hard work? ^^ Another reason to add to my ‘Why I love Ryeowook so much’ list :D.

thank you E.L.F. ^^
09.11.22 00:06

before Super Junior released 3jib in the first half of the year..
i thought of how i was counting down the days with my fingers and praying during recording while doing activities in china~^^
that together with the members 3jib will do well and all the praying a year past~
praying helps but without ‘ELF’ our album will not be able to do this well^^ thank you so much~~ sincerely !!
even though i can’t watch tv in china* it seems fun~ hyehye
let’s have fun together at the next award show~ㅋ !!

* he meant that he can’t watch MAMA

source; fill me in ryeowook
translated by; carolyn @ sj-world.net

Oh, and please blame the lack of updates due to exams. They’re obviously no fun and definitely not as interesting as internet stalking Super Junior, but are here nonetheless.

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