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OMG. Omgomgomg. These guys are just…OMG. I really need to go watch  more SHINee guesting on variety shows. Because OMG THEY’RE FREAKING HILARIOUS.

Lol at KHD’s favouritism. He almost squished Taemin, and then carried him with one arm back to his seat. ♥♥

Credit: Tessieloves1

Onew having a ‘seizure’ on the floor. And then Key getting up and pushing Minho back into ‘danger’. As’ldkfjasldkfj these guys. THEY’RE DORKS, THEY ARE.

And the whole boxing with words (lmao, I just made that up XD. I’ve no idea what to call it) is so precious ♥. Like Taemin insinuating that Minho is old. ROFLMAO. And Hyuk being called the manager. Asdlkfjaslk;dfj this is just too much. I love these boys so hard ♥♥♥♥♥.


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Ryeowook sel-cams

ADORABLE. And it’s such a gorgeous photo of him ^^.

[7.11.09] Ryeowook sel-caming; posted by him on his fancafe

Credit to: Fill me in Ryeowook + ryeo-wook.com for reuploading

This is just too cute ♥. Ryeowooke looks really good here :D. Apparently he posted this on his fancafe.

As;dlkfjas;lkdjf I love his fingers. They look really long, just like a pianist’s hand should look :).

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