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f(x) – ‘Chu’ mv teaser

Idky, but I’m really not feeling this song D;. And just when f(x) is really growing on me too.

I had thought that I’d like the song more when I saw teaser of the mv, but I still don’t like it. Maybe it’ll grow on me when the actual mv comes out? Or maybe when the girls start promoting the song :/.

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You all know of Jonghyun being diagnosed with swine flu, right? Well, Yesung will be singing in his place at this week’s Music Bank ^^.

Yesung will replace Jonghyun, who is recovering from the swine flu to perform “Ring Ding Dong” with Shinee on this week KBS Music bank (November 6th)

On this surprising performance, Yesung will sing Jonghyun’s part and hope to bring a fresh image to the audience. Yesung said “I feel fresh everytime I have chance to perform with Shinee. This performance is my support to Jonghyun, hope him can recover quickly. Also, I hope everybody will give a lot of love to “, thus showing his love to his same company hoobae.

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translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
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Ahh, all this SM love makes me giddy ^^. I’m really anticipating Yesung’s performance. He’s definitely got a powerful voice, but I wonder how he’ll go with the choreography? xD

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They’re releasing an mv for this song!!!! Asdlkfja;sldkjf slfj this song is only my favourite off the album ♥♥♥♥. It’s apparently supposed to be similar to ‘It’s you’, but I hope it’ll have a different feel to it. SJ-M is meant to be establishing their own style, not copying off SJ ><.

The mv is looking so gloomy and depressed right now. But oh so good! ♥ I can’t wait to see the entire mv when it’s released, I’m anticpating it’ll be epic, considering the awesomeness of the song ^^.

Credit: fampar2

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