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Sungmin – cute or manly?

I am completely infatuated with this guy as of now. Is it possible that he can be so terribly cute and all other sorts of adorableness and then ‘mature’ into such a manly person?


THIS. It makes me want to salute my Captain Ming so much ;__;. And the thing is, he isn’t even trying to look cute. HE JUST IS.

Super Junior,Sungmin

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This is such a spam post, but I couldn’t resist posting this gif of Kyu being bullied and then turning the tables XDDD. I RECKON THIS GUY IS BEYOND AWESOME.

So he gets smooched by Kangin. His ‘><‘ is totally adorable *_____*. I love how he’s frozen for like 2 seconds and then proceeds to slap Kangin with…a ruler?? XDD Idk what he’s holding, but his reaction sure is pricless. Oh Kyu ♥__♥.

Kyuhyun,Kangin,Super Junior H,Super Junior

Credit as tagged.

Hopefully I’ll be able to crawl out of my hole tomorrow. Am totally ecstatic with this!

P.S. Happy Birthday to DongDong Shindong ♥!

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